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Still bleeding 7 days after ERPC for retained placenta (25 days after birth of DC3)

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milliemuffin Wed 03-Aug-11 20:25:14

I gave birth to my third baby and my biggest baby 9lb 1, on 2nd July. My DC1 was 8lb and DC2 6lb 8.

I had a lovely home water birth but then struggled with the placenta - it was HUGE but my midwife told me it appeared to be intact. I lost ALOT of large (3-4cm) clots over the next couple of weeks. An ultrasound showed a thickened top of the womb and an 11mm piece of retained placenta so I had my ERPC last wednesday, 27th July but I'm still bleeding a week on. It is very light but it is still fresh bright red.

Anyone experienced similar? How long did you bleed for?

milliemuffin Wed 03-Aug-11 23:08:34


Haggisfish Wed 03-Aug-11 23:59:37

Nope, but I did have an ultrasound scan to check for RPC - might be worth a shot? I paid £30 for mine, but docs can usually offer it free - I didn't want to wait. I imagine it will still bleed for a while as it heals up - there would presumably be a wound where they removed the piece of placenta, but I found my scan hugely reassuring.

milliemuffin Thu 04-Aug-11 09:08:44

Thanks Haggis.

I had alot of stomach cramping last night with more fresh blood so I'll see what happens today then maybe go back to hospital tomorrow. So fed up, just wanna get on and enjoy the summer holidays with my kids.

NightLark Thu 04-Aug-11 09:21:37

Is it at all related to you doing 'too much'?

My DC3 is 5 weeks + 4 days old, and I stopped bleeding at 5 weeks exactly. A lot of the bleeding up till then was fresh red blood.

It almost always happened when I'd been running around playing football with my 5 year old or carrying my (newly jealous) 2 year old or moving furniture about in some frustration at having to spend so much time in the house...

milliemuffin Thu 04-Aug-11 13:31:58

I did go into town yesterday. Did you just bleed normally for 5 weeks? No reason behind it? Did you have cramping? I'm praying it does just stop, really can't face going into hospital again.

milliemuffin Sun 21-Aug-11 09:10:54

I'm still bleeding 3.5 weeks after ERPC and it had virtually stopped last week but over the last 3 days it's got worse again and there was alot when I wiped just now.

How are you supposed to tell if the bleeding is getting worse because something's wrong or if it's just your periods returning? I'm mixed feeding.

idlevice Sun 21-Aug-11 11:49:20

I had a D&C for retained products 35days (5wks) after DS's birth and retained placenta. It was 3yrs ago so unfortunately can't remember how long I bled for & what it was like, but I doubt it would be period returning, as mine returned at about 9 or 10wks after birth & there was only one other woman who had them return that early out of my group of about 25 new mums, & I was bf-ing. Are you still getting afterpains when bf-ing? If so, maybe the bleeding could be something to do with that. If there is no pain & no clots then it probably isn't anything to be worried about but I would definitely check with someone, midwife, health visitor, gp or even NHS direct, & rest up in the meantime. Also look into supplementing with a gentle iron formulation if you haven't already to make up for blood loss.

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