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can your waters leak a little then stop?

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PrincessScrumpy Wed 03-Aug-11 10:17:59

Last night I was suddenly aware of a trickle while lying in bed. I jumped up (as fast as you can at 32 +6w pg with twins) and rushed to the loo. But standing up always make me need to wee so once there I did a big wee and it was hard to be clear if I was leaking. I put a pad in which is very slightly damp and did have back pains but that's all stopped now and a dry pad has stayed dry.

If it did leak, we are talking about a teaspoon full at most but it's now stopped. Is this possible? It really didn't feel like wee. I have a scan tomorrow at 9.30am followed by consultant appointment - can I wait until then? Was it more likely to have been a bit of wee?

This is what happened with dd1 but the trickle just kept going and she was born in 2 hours 5 mins so that hasn't happened this time.


henryhsmum Wed 03-Aug-11 10:23:46

I had something similar with my son at 34 weeks and he wasn't born until 41+5. I think it happened because his head engaged as when I went to see the midwife a few days after he was engaged. He was a singleton but a huge baby at 9lb 9ozs so probably comparable in size to your twins combined weight!

henryhsmum Wed 03-Aug-11 10:25:52

P.s. With my DS I went to hospital (it happened at night) to be sure and they monitored me and his heartbeat for a few hours but they weren't really concerned. If I was you I would see your midwife just in case as if your waters have broken there is a risk of infection

notso Wed 03-Aug-11 10:34:45

I had similar with DC3 at 32 weeks, I mentioned it at hospital the day afterwards but it was never confirmed as they wouldn't do a proper internal incase it triggered labour.
After this I had on off contractions and suspicions of leaks for the next 6 weeks before my waters finally gushed and kept on gushing (was polyhydramnious) until DS2 was born.

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