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Anyone ended up having a planned CS away from original hospital cos baby came early? Any tips/experiences for neurotic 3rd timer!

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manamana Sun 31-Jul-11 20:49:55

That's it really. Ds1 arrived naturally at 37+3, Ds2 elcs at 38+3, this one likely to be booked in for 38ish weeks but we are off to a family do at 36 weeks 300 miles away and i have got myself in a state panicing that if it comes early and we end up at another hospital they will 'make' me have a vbac. I know this scenario is unlikely, which is why we're still going to the do, but my hormonal head won't stop panicking so any reassuring stories etc would be lovely. Obviously we would take notes, bag and car seat and research local hospitals but anything else i should do? Ring the hospital to check procedures....

TrinaLuciusMalfoy Sun 31-Jul-11 23:32:46

Firstly I'd say the chances of needing to worry about this are very slim! Secondly, what I would do would be to find out which would be the nearest hospital and give the labour ward a ring. Just explain your circumstances and ask what the best thing to do would be - they may say 'no problem, if we see you we see you', they may ask you to get your consultant to send them a copy of the essential bits of your notes, they may even say 'ooh, you'd be better ringing xyz hospital in those circumstances'.

In the long run if you're booked for a section at another hospital and little git DC decides to appear early I can't see that they'd force you into attempting VBAC. If (heaven forbid) something happened and you had to be blue-lighted in, they'd sort you for a section - at least this way they may have a bit more warning smile

manamana Mon 01-Aug-11 16:08:02

Thanks Trina, good to hear a sane voice. Am feeling a bit calmer today but its still niggling at the back of my head. Thought about ringing the maternity unit but was a bit worried they'd think i was being a drama queen or ask why i was travelling so goo dto hear you think it would be a good idea. Its the thought of a vaginal delivery that sends me into terrors, 1st one caused major damage followed by surgery and PND so would rather not repeat. Must just keep repeating to myself that labout at 36 weeks is pretty unlikely.

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