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Birth debrief

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mummy22gorgeousboys Fri 29-Jul-11 20:39:59

Who do I speak to about my birth debrief?

I've been discharged from the hospital and community midwife now but I ended up being prepped for ec, and had a ventrouse delivery as baby's heartbeat was dropping and he passed meconium. Had a very long labour and baby was at a funny back to back angle, (half turned) , but wouldn't come out. Was left a very long time before anyone checked baby's progress or intervened and in hindsight I would like some answers - if only to be prepared for next time, as first labour was long too.
Didn't even think to ask anyone at the time as I was just pleased he was healthy, but really want to know what / why everything happened etc.

Who is the best person to ask because I feel I'll just be mithering very busy staff now - baby is 3 weeks old.

Any advice?

breatheslowly Fri 29-Jul-11 21:22:26

I looked it up on our hospital's website. But if they don't have the details for a debrief then try PALS, your community team or even just ringing one of the wards at the hospital. Our hospital had a dedicated debrief team, so you won't be taking staff off the ward to do it, it is a service that is expected to be provided and staffed. Good luck, I found ours extremely useful.

Meglet Fri 29-Jul-11 21:26:42

I expect you can call the maternity dept and they will be able to give you the info.

I had mine just after DS turned 1. It was really helpful smile. I hadn't seen the midwife before but she was great, lots of chat and she almost had a bigger rant about the crap post-natal care than I did!

tiredchocoholic Sat 30-Jul-11 02:35:07

Hi, I had a bad experience with my first birth (textbook perfect in the eyes of the professionals but hideous for me personally) and was so scared about labour with DC2 - my midwife suggested I contact the hospital I gave birth at and I was invited to attend a 'birth reflections' session. It was invaluable in helping me understand what happened, why it happened etc. and I felt sooooo much better about everything afterwards. X

sunndydays Sat 30-Jul-11 11:10:39

My HV sorted it all out for me, hope you get some answers and feel better about it all soon

MayMummy11 Sat 30-Jul-11 12:00:44

I actually had a birth debrief yesterday. My GP arranged it with the consultant - a letter was sent via my GP to arrange it and I had the meeting within 2 weeks. I did find it very helpful. If you had a traumatic birth experience it might be good to do this a few more weeks down the line as it is quite an emotional meeting in some cases. Personally, I had the debrief 10 weeks on and did feel better and stronger about things at this stage so could look at things more objectively. It also gave me some closure about certain aspects of my dd's birth. I highly recommend the meeting.

mummy22gorgeousboys Sat 30-Jul-11 19:47:56

Thanks for all your replies. had a look on the hospital website and can't see anything so I'll speak to the HV next week. Would def like some more info on why things happened the way they did because it's putting me off having any more children.

Thanks ladies!

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