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Are TENS machines all much of a muchness?

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Cattleprod Thu 28-Jul-11 12:03:21

I borrowed a tens machine for the birth of DS, which I found really helpful for the first few hours of labour. I'm thinking of buying one for the next baby, but I know very little about the different sorts available.

Should I just get whatever sort is on special offer? Or are there any features that would be useful, or any good brands, or brands to avoid?

Thankyou! smile

Tangle Thu 28-Jul-11 12:32:38

I used an Elle TENS for both DD1 and DD2 - I liked the way I could tweak things and I'd used it again.

Things I'd look for if I were buying a TENS would be:

- designed for maternity use, which usually means two channels on 4 pads
- ability to change settings for each channel separately
- boost function (good during contractions)

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