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still bleeding!

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amandabear Thu 28-Jul-11 10:08:27

I'm so fed up today!. I lost my baby nearly 10 weeks ago at 21 weeks. I bled like a period for the first 3 weeks then it tailed off for a few days . Then the bleeding started again heavily for a week then stopped and started again . My doctor then sent me for a scan which showed some inflammation in my womb, they gave me antibiotics which cleared up the bleeding completely for 2 weeks, today im bleeding again and its nothing like my period so i know its not that. So im off to the doctor yet again this afternoon to find out whats going on, has anyone else had a similar experience?, its just not fair as if losing my baby wasn't enough now iv got to worry about this :0(

harassedandherbug Thu 28-Jul-11 11:57:38

Hi amanda, I didn't want you to go unanswered. I'm so sorry for your loss.

I've had 2 mc's this year. A mmc & erpc in Jan, and natural mc in March. In the second I bled for two weeks max, and less after the erpc. I had some discomfort after the erpc, I thought I had a water infection, but they thought it was more likely related to the erpc so gave some mega strength antib's. I think you really need to push for this to be sorted, ask if you need more antib's.

Have you posted on the Mc board? They may be able to give you more/better info x

amandabear Thu 28-Jul-11 17:52:57

Thanks for your reply, after seeing the doctor he is saying its my period and its got heavier like my period is like and iv been having pain like i would have on my period , so im pretty sure it is, he warned me my periods would be a bit erratic for a little while though.x

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