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Forced change hospitals if I want a homebirth, after having 2 previous HB

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freekehlover Wed 27-Jul-11 22:06:04

Hi, I will try and keep this short for you! Basically, we have moved council boroughs, however after my first GP appointment I requested the same hospital where I was under and had my two (successful no complications for either) previous homebirths.

The hospital I requested because it is still actually closer for us, (we have only moved three streets away from the catchment) I am already familiar with it and should I need to be transferred I am happy to be going there.. I received my booking appointment at my requested, have had all my scans there, and my two MW appointments.

The hospital have said that if I request a homebirth because I live out the borough I will have to change to the hospital that I do not wish to be under- miles away, poor transport if anything was to happen, unfamiliar to me and generally my wish is not to be under their care.
I am 26 weeks, fab pregancy so far, and I have not stated where I intend on having this baby due to the fact i do not wish to be pushed out of the hospital system and into the one I don't want. After mentioning we may move back into the borough (purely testing them) I would have to advise them so there was 'room' for me on the HB schedule and not to leave the move too late!! I have looked into an IM but sadly the cost for inner London is prohibitive.

This situation is beginning to upset me immensely-not great for maintaining a calm state of mind. I am fearful of the other hospital they wish me to change to, and all I want is another magical HB with my husband and kids (sleeping of course - kids not husband!! wink ) in my own home but knowing the care I am under instead of worrying about it.
I am not willing to put the risk of me or my unborn by leaving it to call an ambulance if they send no MW when I call and say I can't move because I'm in full labour... or say they can't send MW as theyhave looked on my file and I live on the wrong street.

I am unsure to whether I even mention HB at my next booking at 27/28 weeks, as I don't want to be thrown out, nor go through the stress of fighting for what I desire.

It has occured to me to say we have moved (using a friend who lives in the borough) but this may be too late now as they may say the HB caseload team is full, I don't actually fancy leavingmy ome in labour and going to hers anyway as that removes the point of my own home and kids close by etc.
Such a shame this is over hanging my pregnancy and things are in limbo as I don't feel very looked after for this one....

Damn, I was trying to keep it short and not emotional!!
Thanks for listening!!

nannyl Wed 27-Jul-11 22:29:13

How stressful sad

can see your point completely, but you dont want a midwife to not be allowed to come because you live on the wrong street either....

As for "homebirth list full" i dont think they can say this, can they? same as they cant turn you away from the hospital in labour because they are full.

As for homebirth list being "full", everyone has the right to a homebirth if they so want, so cant see how they can be full from that angle either?

My midwife only acknowledged my plan for a home birth at last appt (31+5) (before then it was "too early to think about birth" hmm) so at 28 weeks, even if they had a list or quota, i doubt it can be full....

also anyone who is planning a HB can at a moments notice have a complication (or give birth early etc) so can drop off the system at any time.

I really hope you get the homebirth you want with the hospital and it seems mad that moving 3 streets away could change that... perhaps you could arrange a meeting with head midwife there and see what they say, singing their praises for your previous births with them smile

Good Luck

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