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Can't get an assessment appointment at Whittington Birth Centre

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ZucchiniPie Wed 27-Jul-11 12:17:20

I'm 34 weeks today and called the Whittington Birth Centre a couple of days ago to make an appointment for an assessment. They're fully booked till after my EDD! They say it's ok for me to just turn up at triage when I'm in labour and go to the birth centre from there, but DD1 came really fast and I'm worried that if no 2 is even faster, having to via triage will mean there's not enough time for me to get in the pool!

I had a lovely water birth with DD and it would be a real bummer if I don't get to do that again. Has anyone been in a similar position of going to the Whittington birth centre unassessed and not being turned away? Are they as good as their word that it's still a route that works? Or should I kick up a fuss and try and get assessed? It does seem a bit bonkers that with six weeks to go still, they can't see me!

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