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book for c/s overdue, any ideas about talking to doctor?????????????? help

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firstsupermum Mon 25-Jul-11 00:19:26

i am 41weeks with my 2nd child, as my first one was c/s because also overdue, i am booked for s/c for thursday 28th as they are saying i cant wait more than 10 days overdue for my second, i was offer a sweep last thursday since than a brown discharge nothing elso, i am having an other one tomorrow at 3pm, really not comfortable at all, and also booked for 2pm wednesday to meet the doctor and the anaethestist that will carry one the c/s.
i dont know what to expect from them? anyone have and idea or done it before.
i was aiming for normal birth but the baby is not ready to go done and they saying its not good to leave it more than 10 days overdue, i am really planning for 3 children in my life but now if i go for an other c/s it may make it hard for me.
what do i do? what to eccepect from wednesday meeting? should i go for c/s or just wait more? can i have 3 childrens with c/s all?
really need advice and help.

moaningminniewhingesagain Mon 25-Jul-11 05:38:50

You can wait for more than 10 days if you want to. They may recommend going for CS at term +10 but you can opt to wait a little longer to go into labour naturally. You are not even overdue until after 42 weeks anyway - and the EDD is only an estimate .

They can offer you expectant management ie extra monitoring to check that things are ok. They don't usually induce after a previous CS because it greatly increases the risk of uterine rupture.

You can have 3 x CS, some people have 4 or even more but sections do increase the chance of having difficulty conceiving in the future so if more babies are important to you it is a good idea to avoid one unless truly needed. IMHO the calendar alone is not a good reason for a CS.

I had a EMCS first time and tried for VBAC with second - labour didn't progress and I ended up with 2nd CS but I was fully aware of my options and chose when to give upgrin Recovering from a CS with a toddler plus newborn is hard going.

On Wednesday you have several options -
a)agree a date for a CS, perhaps for 42 weeks - you can still VBAC if you labour before or can change your mind at any time. Maybe consider having a sweep?

b)You could ask for extra monitoring and take a wait and see approach

For what to expect - I would expect they will try to sweep you along with - well we always do a CS at 10 days over so you will have it on X date... Feel free to tell them no if you are not happy with their advice, they cannot make you have major surgery without your consent.

Is the pregnancy all going well apart from the dates issue? No medical reason to get the baby out sooner?

firstsupermum Mon 25-Jul-11 09:39:55

thank you moaningminniewhingesagain i am really happy to hear that from you, about my pregnancy everything is normal no problem at all, i think i am just going to wait for 42 weeks hoppefully something will happen, i also wish from femal doctors but they saying they cant promess that.

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