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Please answer this TMI question (bleeding after birth!)

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nannyl Sun 24-Jul-11 19:43:48

Am 33 weeks pg and planning a homebirth with my 1st.

Im thinking about pads etc for afterwards, and if it might be a good idea (or not?) to get some Tena pants for in bed blush (if i did would i wear a maternity pad as well in the tena pants?)

I figure if i was in hospital i woundnt mind so much (and it wouldnt matter so much) If I bled in bed? (surely hospitals are used to it and have endless supplies of sheets) But at home, on my egyptian cotton bed linen, (i only have 3 fitted sheets for my bed) It might be a bit stressful....

Did (m)any of you bleed onto your bed sheets during the first few nights after birth?
I am thinking I could get pampers bed mats instead? Would that be better?
Am i actually likely to bleed onto the sheets?
OR after a homebirth does midwife let you keep some disposable bed mats for your own use over the next few days?

Im also thinking what if my waters went in bed one night, bled in bed the next night, and its raining i might run out of bed sheets. I could by some more but i dont really want to by more fitted sheets if i dont have to)

Im not bothered per se about bleeding on the sheets (as i know with ariel bio powder it will come out) Im worried about stressing about the laundry in the earliest days, and id rather avoid the stress.....

Or is Tena pants going OTT? (I have plenty of paper throw away knickers and also cheap primark granny knickers that im happy to bin)

(I have a waterproof hippy chick matress protector on my bed all the time anyway and was planning on buying a wipeable plastic one for incase my hippychick is in the wash? I assume 1 spare will be enough as its 'wipeable' so wont need machine washing


discrete Sun 24-Jul-11 19:46:38

I had a home birth and put one of those disposable mats on the bed just in case. Didn't have any problems.

But I see from another thread that I was unusual in not bleeding much after childbirth.

inzidoodle Sun 24-Jul-11 19:47:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SilveryMoon Sun 24-Jul-11 19:49:30

I don't remember leaking onto the sheets, no.
I would say to put your mind at rest buy some pampers change mats.
I doubt you'd need to go for teena pants, sanitary pads will be fine.
I found the official maternity pads were really rubbish. No wings so not as secure as an extra super always ultra or whatever they are.
Also, disposable knickers are crap, stock up on the primark ones and that'd be fine.
Goodluck smile

bebejones Sun 24-Jul-11 21:19:18

I don't think I bled onto sheets at all, even in hospital in the first couple of days.

IMO get a couple of cheapish fitted sheets for the first week or so & get a couple of the reusable bed mats, Boots do them, comfier than the slippy disposable ones & if they don't get bled on will be handy when LO is older! I also had one of these on as added protection in case my waters went in bed!

IIRC Sanitary towels (always etc) are not thought to be good coz the chemicals can irritate if you have stitches/grazes etc. But they are better after the initial 'gushing', especially the 'night' ones as they are bigger! smile

MainlyMaynie Sun 24-Jul-11 22:42:41

I used disposable mats from Mothercare, with a waterproof sheet under the main sheet. The mats shifted during the night and I did still bleed onto the sheets, for the first two nights. I was wearing two maternity pads as well. I'm still bleeding five weeks after the birth and had a big baby and very big placenta (!), so I'm not sure whether that makes a difference. I also usually have heavy periods.

sprinkles77 Sun 24-Jul-11 23:01:51

I had no leakage though did have emcs. The only time there was blood on the sheets was straight after I was put on the ward as the theatre staff had just put a pad between my legs with no pants to hold it in place.hmm I was a bit numb and a bit sweaty so didn't realise that it was a bit messy blush. Also had a catheter in so hadn't moved for many hours. But once catheter out and pants and proper sanitary towel with wings in I had no leakage. I heard that one tends to get heavier bleeding earlier on which then slows up more quickly with a vb, and more of a steady flow with cd. Don't know if that's true tho.

Valpollicella Sun 24-Jul-11 23:06:14

Just so you know, it's not a great idea to use normal sanitary towels like Always as they have a plastic backing which can increase the rick of infection. Also, 'the 'lock away core' means your midwife won't be able to check on your blood loss post partum - they will ask you show them the pad you are wearing (just so you know - I wasn't expecting that and was shock and blush at having to do that)

drcrab Sun 24-Jul-11 23:07:22

I bought some of those disposable bed mats which didn't really get used as my waters didn't break in the end. As for bleeding, do get the maternity pads )a couple of packets). After that you can use the normal with wings type (night ones good as bigger). I used disposable knickers at the hospital. V useful!! smile

Valpollicella Sun 24-Jul-11 23:07:56

Sorry, pressed post too soon...

So, your best bet is lots of mat towels, some Pampers change mats, cheap sheets/towels and cheapy pants from Primark (not the paper ones they suggest - they are shite and uncomfortable)

Good luck!

jvoc Sun 24-Jul-11 23:14:33

I don't think you need the Tena pants. I used the ultra heavy night Always sanitary towels (I sent DH to buy more while I was in hospital and the local Boots only had 2 pks left). My plan was to use old knickers and get rid of them afterwards, but I found that the stitches down below with the added padding of the towel was v uncomfortable so he bought me new knickers in a size bigger (all in black!)... But I hardly had any leakage.

Boots also sell packs of 5 maternity sheets for a few quid so I would recommend them. I used them after I came out of hospital, as I was also worried in case of leakage. They dont have any sticky bits to attach to the bedsheets but they are very big so should cover enough if you toss and turn!

SleepyFergus Sun 24-Jul-11 23:20:52

I don't remember bleeding so much that it leaked onto the sheets, but reckon the pampers mats sound good and perhaps some old towels between tbe mats and the bed?

Another good tip is to put your maternity pads in the freezer. I kid you not.....when you're sore down there, the initial coolness if them is bloody good!

Oh, and arnica tabs from Boots. I took them on advice from the midwife ad I was v bruised after my episiotomy and she was astounded at how quickly they worked. I wouldn't know as I gave NEVER looked down there since the birth (21 months ago now!!!!) but she was impressed!

nannyl Mon 25-Jul-11 08:09:56

thanks for all your opinions smile

looks like i might be worrying a bit too much (as usual, lol!)

Never herd about pads in freezer, i guess thats another perk of being at home (so long as i dont need to go in of course)
I have arnica at the ready too smile

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