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OP birth story. Bit of a nightmare but a safely delivered baby in the end.

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nitnatnaboo Sat 23-Jul-11 22:42:41

Baby Matilda Rose, born Thursday 21.7.11 at 17:55, 7lb 3oz. smile smile smile

A case of "so near and yet so far", mainly down to OP positioning.

Last birth (non-OP) was a 26 hour marathon, augmented labour, early epidural ending in ventouse. This time I was hoping for waterbirth with just gas and air but not really believing I had the pain threshold for it, and at all costs, avoiding interventions (especially forceps, after reading too much on here grin )

Placenta was anterior and baby had been OP for weeks (believe the two are linked?) Was assured by M/W that 95% of OP babies turn before or during labour.

Awoke 6:30am with painful contractions every 8 mins. Told DH, who asked ?shall I go to work then?? grin. By 8:30am I was passing out with every contraction and then throwing up when I came round. Put idea of waterbirth on hold at that point! DS, age 5, freaked out and ran to hide in another room; we managed to get another mum to take him to school as I didn't want to be left alone. Rang the hospital for advice. Triage midwife said to come in but suggested the passing out was because I was breathing too fast! I suggested it was the immense pain and my low blood pressure confused

Arrived at hospital 10am. Had gas and air and threw up a cup of tea. Examined at 11am and found to be 6cm dilated. Gobsmacked at my hitherto unsuspected capacity for withstanding pain and dilating quickly! Baby still OP but said to be turning and coming down. By 12 was fully dilated just on gas and air. Hurrah! So far so good. Midwives started preparing for delivery. Pushed for an hour, many strange cowlike noises made but to no avail and I just didn't feel things were in the "right place" IYSWIM despite them telling me otherwise. Baby then found to have moved to transverse but still happy in situ.

Cue Registrar recommending Syntocinon to increase contractions and me demanding an epidural despite being fully dilated! Excellent epidural meant I could feel pressure to push but had no pain. However, it produced violent shivering, freaking out husband, but not the staff! After an hour of Syntocinon, did another hour of pushing. Baby went to synclitic (?) and reflex transverse back to direct OP again. Still nothing moving. Baby?s heartrate started to dip. At 16:00 was sent to theatre, signed consent and and prepped for trial of ventouse and, failing that, EMCS. Loads of people in theatre. I kept my eyes closed as I didn?t want to know how much I should have been panicking.

A mighty tug of war commenced between consultant and baby, with me in the middle, pushing for dear life. Still nothing moved until they did an episiotomy. I immediately felt things shift and she was born with one more push. Consultant remarked that it was the nicest forceps delivery he'd ever done. "FORCEPS! No one said anything about forceps!" I remarked accusingly. Cue theatre full of sheepish staff. Then had PPH of 500ml and was stitched back up.

Anyway, she's here now, healthy and gorgeous. I am very sore in the expected places, but will soon mend. Can't quite believe that it could have all been over in an easy 6 hours but ended up a bit of an ordeal for me and baby. Can't believe OP positioning had such an effect on the labour and delivery. Hope this helps if you're looking for info on OP births.

EggyAllenPoe Sat 23-Jul-11 22:47:28

congratulations on your new baby op


lollystix Sun 24-Jul-11 21:51:10

Congratulations - well done for getting her out. Not sure I feel too reassured by your story. Ds1 was OP - 50 hours and emcs. Currently got my first anterior placenta with ds4 and bricking it about another OP labour. Right - I'm off to get on all fours now. Ds2 and 3 were in good positions and you're right the difference it makes is amazing

Icoulddoitbetter Sun 24-Jul-11 22:00:01

My DS was OP and the birth ended in EMCS - I had no idea, had a horribly long labour with an ineffective epidural and was pleading with the MW for two hours (over a day in) that I was in too much pain to do anything. Once she finally huffed and got the registrar as I was being "difficult", they magically made the pain go, and then reallised what position DS was in. Tried ventouse and forceps and eventually I got the CS I'd been begging for.

TBH it's one of the reasons I'm going straight for ELCS this time. I just don't trust the MW's to actually believe me if I tell them that something's just not right. Awful, but true unfortunately.

Icoulddoitbetter Sun 24-Jul-11 22:00:58

OP CONGRATS! Sorry I missed that off my first message, I'm still so galled about my experience!

kalo12 Sun 24-Jul-11 22:05:00

congrats and poor you.

by the way my mw told me to walk up stairs sideways to get baby in right position, asymetric movements are supoosed to help, if any pregnant mums are reading this in horror

BooBooGlass Sun 24-Jul-11 22:05:06

Just to reassure people, I've had 2 OP births. The first was induced due to being overdue, and it was an ordeal, I had an epidural that meant I was stuck on the bed pushing for more than 2 hours. Dd didn;t turn and was born looking at the ceiling, I was minutes away from intervention.
Ds was also OP, but was a fabulous 3.5 hour labour, I think me standing up for the duration made all the difference, he turned before birth.
I was told afterwards (don't know how true it is) that it could be that the shape of my pelvis encourages the OP presentation. I've had anterior placentas both times too so who knows.
Congratulations OP grin

rocketleaf Sun 24-Jul-11 22:12:47

My baby was also OP after being anterior for the entire late stage of pregnancy. She must have turned after my waters started leaking. I also needed syntocyn as could only get to 5 cm on my own but managed on gas and air (and hypnobirthing) and she did turn. I had no further intervention and no stitches so it IS possible to have a relatively low intervention birth with OP. That said she was fairly petite 6,13 and was 10 days early and at 8 weeks her head circ is on a lower percentile so I might just have been lucky!

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter!! We also called our LO Matilda! :-)

rocketleaf Sun 24-Jul-11 22:15:04

Boobooglass. I also insisted on labouring upright on a ball and on the back of the bed. No way was I getting on my back again after the first excruciating hour of monitoring!

Glitterybits Tue 26-Jul-11 17:04:57

I so shouldn't have read this. Have an anterior placenta and absolutely no faith in any of the midwife-led care I've received this time around. Oh well. Better to be prepared I suppose. Baby is due on Friday and still seems perfectly capable of swivelling in every direction. God knows what position she's in!

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