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Recent births in Sevenoaks

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stantonjulie Sat 23-Jul-11 13:58:38

I've just moved here and found out am expecting (early next year). 1st baby born at Kingston - assisted (fine) but had choice of 4 hospitals, furthest away 4 miles. This time, looks like minimum distance is 10 miles and from the reviews they all sound awful. Would value a recent experience. I'm looking at Darent Valley, Farnborough and Pembury (although only person i know due to give birth here was told no room at the inn and go elsewhere)

I'm looking for somewhere that will:
-Give me an epidural if I want one (Kingston were "too busy" - I'm convinced I would not have had ventouse and stitches if they'd given me proper pain relief).
-Have drs and equipment. I'm a doom merchant, need the gear in case something goes wrong, birthing centre no good. I like science.
-Easy journey - need parking and no traffic jams.
-Private room with ensuite

Aftercare and support not such an issue. didn't have much last time and muddled through and know what I'll be doing this time.

Thanks in advance.

tintree68 Thu 04-Aug-11 16:51:33

Only recently moved to Sevenoaks and had a quick transition from care in London. Pembury is easily accessible off A21, about 15mins from Sevenoaks with plentiful parking. Care is excellant although they have had their busy times recently as they are still in transition from Maidstone. Equipment and rooms all new with ensuite in ante-natal, delivery and post-natal wards. My wife had an epidural within a short time of asking, having not had one for our first child. Aftercare and support provided by local midwifes from Sevenoaks Hospital.

newlark Thu 04-Aug-11 16:57:02

My experience is not so recent as I had my two at Pembury before the new unit opened but you are more likely to have a good journey without traffic jams there (depends a bit which side of Sevenoaks you are). My experience was good - I got an epidural when I asked, excellent midwives (though postnatal care was a bit random as it was very busy). I've heard the neonatal care unit there has a good reputation.

laluna Thu 04-Aug-11 20:19:28


Just want to point out that I think it is unfortunately, highly unlikely that any maternity unit will guarantee you an epidural. If is so dependent on the numbers of midwives on shift versus women in labour and the availability of the anaesthetist. As I am sure you are aware, there is usually only one covering delivery which includes caesarians and high risk cases when pain relief requests come down the list of priorities. I fully acknowledge that this is often unacceptable but feel I need to point out the reality of maternity care in an obstetric unit. I am sorry I have no knowledge of your area (am an Essex girl!). Good luck - here's to a lovely normal delivery!

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