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Anyone been induced more than once?

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dycey Thu 21-Jul-11 10:15:00

last time I didn't start labour and had the full induction process at ten days over due...

I am coming up to my due date and beginning to expect that I will have to be induced this time too. Obviously I would rather not be but then again I wouldn't want a baby to get any bigger than last time. He was born 12 days after his edd and almost 9 pounds.

Just wondering what others experiences have been if you were induced first time around? Am I more likely to be induced second time? Do some women just have a longer gestation period?

thisisyesterday Thu 21-Jul-11 10:18:28

i think some people do just have a longer gestation yes, i know of someone who went to nearly 43 weeks with all 3 of her babies

a close friend of mine was also induced with all 3 of hers...

don't think it's a given though. I was 2 weeks over with ds1, 1 day over with ds2 and 6 days over with ds3

dycey Thu 21-Jul-11 14:17:11

Wow, 43 weeks is long... My mother was late with all four of hers and I know my brother was almost a ten month pregnancy! Which is why I expect to be late again.

Does anyone have any opinions on induction? I know it's considered safest for the baby because of the placenta ageing, but it does seem a shame to induce when it tends to make the labours a bit less easy.

dycey Fri 22-Jul-11 13:03:58

Just wondering if there are any other stories out there for me?

DiscoDaisy Fri 22-Jul-11 13:06:43

I've been induced twice, at 37 weeks and dead on 40 weeks.
On both occasions my hind waters had broken.
The 2nd inducement was a better experience than the first.

RosieMapleLeaf Fri 22-Jul-11 13:08:42

My first DS was born by C section (for breech, 1 week early and 9 lb 11). All three subsequent kids were at least 10 days overdue. I was induced with DD1 (7lb13) at 10 days, DD2 (9lb2) came by herself at 11 days, DS2 (9lb12) was evicted at 42 weeks. I'm in Canada and although I had a midwife, at 42 weeks they have to transfer care over to an OB so 42 weeks was the longest I could go with DS2 and still have midwife care.

DiscoDaisy Fri 22-Jul-11 13:12:50

Forgot to say that the induced babies were no2 and no4. Nos1, 3 and 5 arrived naturally. No1 and 3 on time and no5 was about 6 days late (I can never remember exactly how late).

MavisGrind Fri 22-Jul-11 13:18:06

Been induced twice - both at 40+10. DS1 arrived at 40+13 (9lbs2) and Ds2 at 40+11 (9lbs 13). Second labour was half the time and recovery time was a lot quicker.

I'm of the view that as long as there is a good outcome for both mother and baby, the means of getting there are not too important! Good luck!

SuperBabysMum Fri 22-Jul-11 13:27:38

Have only been induced once, 16 days overdue, but wouldn't allow it again unless I was truly convinced that it would harm the baby. Had pessary to ripen cervix, but not hormone drip. IMHO there is too much pressure put on mothers to be induced, and the evidence does not really add up. For a start, due dates are not accurate, unless, of course, you are 100% sure of conception date, but this can be tricky. Post-birth, I felt that the obstetrician and midwife put me under unfair pressure and gave me inaccurate information. So, I'd say, do your research, induced labours can be difficult. But agree, of course, I agree that in the end, as long as the outcome is good for mother and baby that that is the main thing. Good luck!

plantsitter Fri 22-Jul-11 22:44:08

Both my labours were induced. The first was very long and I had to have the drip.

Second was annoying only because they tried the pessary thing first and it didn't work. Then they tried the gel and 6 hours later DD2 was born. Much better experience.

It is a shame there's no way of knowing if there's a danger to the baby but I didn't dare go longer than 42+2.

One of the midwives told me afterwards that the pessary never works, by the way. Grr. So don't accept that if you're offered!

debka Sat 23-Jul-11 13:10:25

I've been induced 3 times.

1) With DD1, 2 gels then an all-natural birth the next day, was fine.

2) At 39 weeks with DD2 because they diagnosed GD. Was in for 3 days with no success (just gels) when I sent myself home.

3) At 40 weeks with DD2, 2 gels then a very very quick delivery that evening. She was 10.6 so I'm glad I was induced early!

Astrophe Sat 23-Jul-11 13:17:47

I've not been induced before (though prob will be next week, with DC #4), though mine have all been late (8 days, so no inductions).

Just btw, my obstetrician says that there will likely be very little difference in size in a 40wk baby and a 41 or 42wk baby, as they grow only very slowly, or not at all, after term. If there is a difference, it would be small and not likely to make a difference in delivery.

He did also say that the head bones are getting slightly harder all the time, so there is a theoretical risk that the head will be harder to deliver post term, but obviously this would be hard to quantify, and probably not make a huge difference either.

I'm not saying you shouldn;t be induced btw (personally, I wouldn't go past 10 days which is the reccomended time where I live, out of fear of placenta diteriorating), just mentioning some things to think about smile

allhailtheaubergine Sat 23-Jul-11 13:30:53

I was induced at 43+2 first time (not a typo). It was a very hard induction. She didn;t seem ready to come. I had 3 lots of the pessary, they broke my waters, I was on a drip. Took forever. Forceps delivery 2 days after starting the induction. Placenta was fine. Baby a bit flakey. I guess we'll never know if she would have come on her own eventually or would have stayed in there indefinitely. Baby was 8lb 14oz.

2nd time I requested induction at 40+5 - thought there was no point waiting out the last 2 weeks only to have a hellish induction at the end of it anyway. Induction was much the same. They prised him out with a crowbar after 2 days of throwing everything they had at me. Placenta fine. Baby distressed but fine in the end. Baby was 9lb 7oz.

Now preg with #3. Expecting much the same. Will prob go to about 41 then request induction depending on how I'm feeling.

Good luck OP.

Firawla Sun 24-Jul-11 00:49:36

plant sitter i didn't know there was a difference between pessary and gel! i always thought it just refered to the same thing blush. i will look into that and ask what they use at the hosp I am going to..

OP i was induced with my 1st, due to being overdue and high blood pressure so he was induced at 9 days overdue. 2nd was scheduled for induction at i think 14 days over? I was fully expecting to have to go in for the induction, as they said unlikely to go into labour before then, cervix looking unfavourable etc etc.. but i did go into labour at 10 days over so avoided the induction.
this one is scheduled for induction a week and a bit before due date so really not expecting to go into labour before then as i do feel that mine naturally tend to go for longer, from what i've noticed it does seem that some people just hve a habit of slightly longer pregnancies and going overdue, and from the other 2 i think i am one of them.
but as for your induction, if you have healthy blood pressure and everything i would maybe rather give yourself the full 42 weeks, so you have 14 days overdue just incase you wouldnt end up needing it? then at that stage if nothing is still happening i would probably go for it. but when they schedule it like only 7 or 10 days over you may just feel like if you had a couple of more days they might have come out by themselves, and it does seem to make it easier.

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