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Hind waters gone baby not engaged... Cord prolPse?

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nicolamumof3 Tue 19-Jul-11 18:20:20

been admitted to ante natal as my bond waters going since 4am on checking mw said head not engaged so have to stay in as to risky at home if rest of waters suddenly go cord will come down first then baby. Need to get head engaged and get this labour started but too exhausted to walk ATM always had quick labours in past this is all new!

Dozer Tue 19-Jul-11 22:58:21

Hope it goes well for you.

thursday Wed 20-Jul-11 01:37:38

hope it goes well for you, i had a cord prolapse and resulted in a crash section. not a bit pleasant. have they said what their plan is? in hindsight (and tbh, at the time sight but no one was listening to labour lady sad ) it would have been kinder to give me the section before hand in a more controlled way than risk everything and traumatise the fuck out of me and my husband. sorry, i always feel like i'm a drama llama filled with negativity when this comes up but i cant not say anything. let us know how you get on xxx

nicolamumof3 Wed 20-Jul-11 03:33:57

All ok ATM head still high so plan is induction first thing as waters been going nearly 24hrs now. Very scary when they actually described what it meant Properly but glad I'm in here now as would have freaked out at home if had cord prolapse and not known what to do!

lovesicecream Wed 20-Jul-11 13:38:36

Glad your in hosp now, my hind waters went first with my second child, he became engaged before my front waters broke

Thursday know exactly how you feel, my waters broke at 31+2 weeks with my third baby and started mild contractions at 32+1 the mw wouldn't check me due to risk of infection and I to ended up emcs due to the cord prolapsing, I was pretty peed off with them as I think it could have been avoided, also as I had to go under general anaesthetic I missed out seeing him until he was 10 hours old ( he was in nicu and I was to Ill to be taken down to him)

thursday Wed 20-Jul-11 19:54:35

yes, i had a GA too, and she was in SCBU and i then had a PPH and was in high dependency, i didnt meet her for 12 hours, and then not again for another 12 hours. it was the worst week of my life and i still feel so upset and angry about it all. feel it was avoidable too, they broke my waters to speed up labour, despite the fact her head was high and not engaged, i did question it and he said it was fine. they discovered the cord prolapse a good while later. sorry, threadjacking. not often i come across someone who understands how it was.

lovesicecream Wed 20-Jul-11 22:57:36

They took me down tobhim for 15 mins that night because I told them if they didn't I'd take the catheter out myself and walk! Didn't see him again for another 16 hours when they finally agreed to take out the catheter, my bp kept dropping so don't think they realy wanted me out of bed! I found that when we finally got home and dp was back at work and it was just me and the baby that it realy started playing on my mind, it was like constantly reliving it and thinking about how different it could have been, what if they'd listened to me and got him out before, he wouldn't have had to be intubated if it wasn't for the cord prolapse, I think you can be more traumatised weeks after then you are at the time!

thursday Wed 20-Jul-11 23:38:48

they brought her up to see me for 10 minutes, and then again the next morning. when she was about 36 hours old they brought her up to stay with me but they had her overnight as i couldnt. then she was readmitted to SCBU and i stayed there with her til i could bring her home. i relive it all the time. her 2nd birthday is coming up and i still cant stop going over it. did you speak to anyone about it? i couldnt face going back and now it seems too long ago. i feel like i'm just stuck though.

nicolamumof3 Thu 21-Jul-11 03:48:34

Jeez sound awful ladies those first few minutes and hours are so special. Glad you babies arrived safely tho.

I had three opinions yday about head being engaged all differen! In the end consultNt did scan before induction and confirmed head was actually engaged so induced. Baby girl arrived last night

lovesicecream Thu 21-Jul-11 07:55:16

Nicola congratulations! Glad everything went well for you and sorry we gave hijacked your thread!

Thursday I haven't spoken to anyone about it, baby is 19 weeks old and I'm 9 weeks pg again, because Ive now had two prem baby's I'm beginning to worry that the same will happen again as both times my waters have broken early and they like to leave you for as long as they can before 37 weeks, I know that this time I will be having a elcs due to how far across and high up into the womb they had to cut last time and that worries me too as last time was just so awful ( though I know an elcs will be a totally dif Experiance) I suppose o will have to talk it through with the consultant

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