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A few questions as had 1st Sweep this AM, already 1cm dilated !!! (40+4)

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StormBird Mon 18-Jul-11 18:44:26

Hi Ladies,

This is my first child so I feel completey in the dark about everything Pregnancy related.

I am 40+4 today and have had my 1st sweep which seemed to go pretty well. However, midwife commented that I was already 1cm dilated!! We were very surprised and I thought Yippee in another 5mins I'll have a baby (total over exaggeration I know grin

So my questions are:

Is the fact that I was already 1cm dilated a good sign or could it be a fluke??

Is there anything I can do to get things going more obviously??

Over the past few days have had some clear jelly like mucus but no significant loss - could this be the mucus plug coming away in little bits??

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.....



Flisspaps Mon 18-Jul-11 18:56:01

Sorry to piss on your chips...I had a sweep at 40+7, was 1-2cm.

Went for induction at 42+1, was 2cm dilated.

I had a bit of a show straight after the sweep but nothing doing.

Lots of my friends claim they worked for them, but of course there's absolutely no way of knowing if they'd have gone into labour when they did regardless of any furtling from the MW!

Best of luck grin

sunndydays Mon 18-Jul-11 19:35:19

Can't really answer your questions but I had a sweep at 36 weeks weeks (DC1) and was 1cm dilated. That night I had horrendous migraine (pre-eclampsia) and when I went in the next day to 'discuss' induction I was contracting. The rest of my story won't help you as I was put on drip, ARM etc etc

Kepp on your birthing ball (if you have one) or all fours just to keep baby in a good position and get as much rest as you can. Good luck, hopefully it won't be long now smile

StormBird Mon 18-Jul-11 20:43:08

Thanks Girls - you are confirming my suspicions Flisspaps .

I'm on the birthing ball at the moment sunny and will remain here until there is an obivous sign of labour LOL


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