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I think I may be starting to go into labour... but am I?

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stottiecake Sun 17-Jul-11 22:05:26

Had lots of non-bloody shows Friday and saturday. Today I started to leak pinky fluid which mw said looks like amniotic fluid and bloody show. Am having tightenings but nothing regular or painful although stronger than the bh I've had so far.

Because of the fluid leak they plan to induce on tuesday if no baby. I had an induction last time and just so want to do it naturally this time.

Do you think this looks promising?

bosch Sun 17-Jul-11 22:13:05

Ah, sorry, can't help you with shows. I thought I'd had a show but it turned out to be a wee! I'm the queen of braxton hicks. Never had any with ds1 and convinced mw that i was in labour when only bh with ds2.

Err, if nothing regular or painful then it's anybodys guess. It it helps, I was due for induction with ds1 (only because I was overdue) and labour started with abso no prior warning the day before.

However I firmly believe that if you've had the hormones do their stuff the first time around (even if prompted by induction), they are more likely to behave second time around and kick in without need for induction.

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