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VB with epidural, or ELCS - confused about what to do...

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footyfan Sun 17-Jul-11 09:17:34

Hi - I am pregnant with my first DC, and have no idea what to expect when it comes to giving birth.

I am living abroad in a country that is very pro-ELCS (about 95% of mothers have CS). You are able to have VB, but they do not offer any pain relief (gas/air/drugs, etc) - the only option is an epidural.

I would like a VB, but am worried that as the doctors don't experience many -then if anything goes wrong - they won't be prepared.
Also, how much of the birth will I experience if I have an epidural?

The main reason I am put off ELCS, is that I think I may be missing out on something by not giving birth 'naturally'. Did anyone who had an ELCS feel like this after the birth - or am I being ridiculous to think like this?

Anyway - any thoughts/advice would be really appreciated!

BelleDameSansMerci Sun 17-Jul-11 14:21:47

You'll get a lot of conflicting opinion on this, I expect. I had an epidural and had the most wonderful birth experience. No pain (well, not much but did have gas and air and also pethidine until I was able to have the epidural) and lots of joy. Only one stitch too.

If you're not already doing it, would recommend perineal massage...

thursday Sun 17-Jul-11 17:55:52

95% ?? that's crazy. how many of those are EMCS do you know?

unless i could find someone with actual proper experience of natural deliveries i think i'd have a section, though i'd be cross about being pushed into it. i'd have an elective section over an emergency one if i thought it likely.

you might not need any pain relief for a VB, not everyone does. i had everything going first one and when the epidural eventually worked it was fab. i dont feel like i missed out on any of the birth (sadly) as i could still feel everything, it wore off for pushing. a really effective one might leave you needing telling when to push etc.

i had a section second time, under GA. i didn't feel like i'd given birth, i felt like someone knocked me out and stole my baby. whilst a planned section would not be quite like that, you probably would feel some level of missing out. usually i would say that as you're having a section for a reason to not think like that, focus on the best outcome for your baby. but in the case of section being simply because its expected then i think i would feel a bit robbed.

footyfan Mon 18-Jul-11 05:26:49

Thanks a lot for the comments.

I've even been told the figure of 99% for CS, so 95 might be conservative!! Everyone is very vague about how many are ELCS - but I suspect the vast majority.

I do know a couple of expats who have had natural births - but it was a struggle to get them. A few other people wanted VB, but when it came to it, they were told they needed CS (they are not convinced they really did).

I'm still on two minds: I would rather have an ELCS than an EMCS, at least I could get myself mentally prepared for that. However, I still worry that I will have the feeling thursday talks about: feeling a bit robbed.

I think I need to find out whether I would have GA. I'm guessing it would be a much nicer experience if not?

QTPie Mon 18-Jul-11 08:57:15

Had an ELCS (breech) and it was the most amazing experience - don't feel robbed at all.

Ask around - see what skills are available: you may find a Consultant who specialises in VB (I agree that you want someone with the skills).

Which country is this?


footyfan Mon 18-Jul-11 10:33:28

QTPie - thanks for the reply. I have been reading more posts on here, and there seem to be lots of positive ELCS stories - so I am starting to lean towards that I think.

I am not used to the private health care system yet, so don't know what to expect. I know I can find a dr who is pro-VB, but I get the impression that when you get to the hospital they still try and push you into a CS.

It is Brazil - they've got the highest CS rates of anywhere in the world.

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