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Can't sleep, 9 days overdue and low

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widgetsmummy Fri 15-Jul-11 23:09:57

Hey, just looking for a space to express myself really... Am 9 days overdue expecting DD2. Have planned homebirth but feeling increasingly despondent about even getting the chance to try. Had a sweep on Weds and nothing, going to try another tomorrow but 'booked' for induction on Tues.

DD1 was induced after waters went but nothing got going. I really wanted something different this time but am doubting my bodies ability to come up with a different outcome. I know logically I need to think my positively and not get to Tues and hand myself over like a lamb to the slaughter (!) but am pretty tired and feeling low, cried in the bath tonight!

Anyway, that's me. 3 days anything could happen, if not Mondays tasks include packing a hospital bag, reading the NICE guidance on induction and preparing DD1 for our disappearance for who knows how long sad

sigh sorry for being depressing and self-indulgent!

thursday Sat 16-Jul-11 01:12:55

i remember that feeling, the impending induction you just dont want. went into labour naturally before induction in the end thankfully, hope you do too. i was planning on cancelling my induction for a few days when it got closer, i'm sure you know you can do that, you'll only be +12 on monday.

have to say i was thoroughly depressed and weepy and friends exchanged knowing glances and said 'tomorrow, bet you'. woke up next day in labour so shall cross my fingers for you xx

SpringchickenGoldBrass Sat 16-Jul-11 01:42:21

Aww poor you. Being overdue is tiresome and miserable (My DS was 7/8 days late and I was induced due to hypertension). At least being induced means it's all about to be over and you will be meeting your lovely DC soon. Best of luck.

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