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Quickest labour?

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HarriedWithChildren Thu 14-Jul-11 15:00:20

Hoping for a DC4 but after DC3 was an unplanned HB after 8h unproductive labour (was back to front, suddenly turned and slipped out), I'm a little concerned about making it to the hospital. I don't want another HB despite all having gone well. A friend had hers in 20 min and I have visions of being home alone with 3 DCs gawping.

So tell me, how quick was it for you from first inkling of labour to baby in arms?

nunnie Thu 14-Jul-11 15:03:48

2 hours and 5 minutes with 1st.
Arrived pushig with 2nd but he was brow so never got out of pushing stage was taken for EMCS.
I am now 30 weeks with number 3 and dreading a home/car birth just hoping this one gives me enough warning to at least get through the automatic doors of maternity before it makes an appearance, no problems giving birth in the waiting room wink

Pootles2010 Thu 14-Jul-11 15:11:53

Pretty standard 12 hrs here. Only problem was, never had any of 'signs' of established labour - my contractions were never regular, had no 'show', etc.

Triage (is that the right name? - the bouncers grin) said over phone I shouldn't come in, put my foot down, said I'm coming in, need drugs.

Thank god I did, otherwise he would definitely have been hb.

clared Fri 15-Jul-11 21:24:25

2 hours with no.1, 7 mins with no.2 (thankfully membranes ruptured in hospital as 14 days overdue, 1 massive contraction, then baby on the floor shock, 21 hours of easy, mild contractions with no.3 then suddenly appeared on the living room floor! I'd booked in for a home birth with no.3 because of no's 1 and 2 being so fast, but didn't call midwife in time, as felt like my labour wasn't progressing. She did arrive 40 mins after he was born though, and didn't have to transfer to hospital - really good way to go, if you're not too squeamish - we all laugh about it now!

controlpantsandgladrags Fri 15-Jul-11 21:32:46

6 hours for DC1 and 3 hours for DC2. If I have a 3rd I will be worried.

peppapighastakenovermylife Fri 15-Jul-11 21:39:07

1.5 hours
5 hours (respectable wink)
2 hours (although was still arguing with the midwife half an hour before that I was going back home for a bit grin

peppapighastakenovermylife Fri 15-Jul-11 21:39:55

Clared shock

thisisyesterday Fri 15-Jul-11 21:41:03

48 minutes for ds3 shock

this is my birth announcement grin

i know there are people on here with shorter than that though

fatandknackered Fri 15-Jul-11 21:41:23

God am so envious of these tales..... 6 hrs then EMCS for DC1, then 24hrs (at least, think I stopped counting) for DC2. Not got much hope for a shorter experience with DC3...!

Malvapoeding Fri 15-Jul-11 21:43:58

Just under an hour for DD2

thursday Fri 15-Jul-11 22:30:35

4 days first time, 25 hours before section second time, but i dont envy the super fast ones. i was terrified that i'd be too blaze second time and not realise how close i was (unfounded fear there, obviously hmm ) i was still feeling spritely with no.2 before it went wrong but i'd have like a nice steady 8 hours i think.

48mins! shock i'd have been terrified.

ChasingSquirrels Fri 15-Jul-11 22:31:38

2 hrs for ds1
under 15 mins for ds2

Steeplearningcurve Fri 15-Jul-11 22:43:19

1.5 hrs for dd, if I have another I will be camping out in the hospital car park from my due date!

sazm Fri 15-Jul-11 23:06:36

ds1 - 2hrs
dd1 - aukward wee monkey, had to have drip to start labour off, then she was born within about an hour,
ds2 - 10 minutes max, woke up when my waters went,ran downstairs had 2 contractions and he was on the living room carpet!

needless to say dh has been snipped and there will be no more dc lol smile

Marrow Sat 16-Jul-11 01:28:35

DD - days of labour followed by EMCS
DS - 25 minutes!

OohMatron Sat 16-Jul-11 01:43:34

DC1 - 2hrs
DC2 - 2.5hrs
DC3 - 20 mins

HarriedWithChildren Sat 16-Jul-11 07:53:18

Serves me right for asking! Sweet jumping jezabel, we're in for another HB whether we want one or not.

DS3 was very much like yours TIY but hats off for doing it solo!

So, we have 7min with Clared and 10 with Sazm, somehow I think that we have our champions!

Glitterybits Wed 20-Jul-11 17:14:01

I really wish I hadn't found this thread. I'm hoping to halve the 5 day stint I did with my first. I was going to type "you are all so lucky", but I'm not entirely sure being so speedy is such a good thing! grin

tiredlady Wed 20-Jul-11 17:24:34

2hrs 15 mins from 1st contraction to birth with dc 1
18mins from 1st contraction to birth with dc2 (was told not to push at any point so had to hold him in, as it were)
dc3- elective section smile

DitaVonCheese Wed 20-Jul-11 17:31:33

Not particularly speedy for this thread but was eight hours from first contraction to baby with DD. DS is due any time now <gives cervix pointed look> and I'm very nervous about it being too fast. Would definitely pick fast over slow but it was very intense very quickly and all a bit overwhelming.

Being too quick is actually probably one of my greatest concerns (are booked for hb though!).

HarriedWithChildren Tue 26-Jul-11 17:07:25

Yes, fast over slow any day I think but now officially terrified.

lollystix Tue 26-Jul-11 20:45:32

2 days with ds1 (emcs cos back to back)
7 hours with ds2
About 4 hours with ds3

Although not super fast I'm a bit worried with ds4 as planning on working till 39 and a half weeks. Being pregs in my workplace is unpopular, let alone giving birth there. Still only 20 mins in an ambulance to the hospital so I should get in on time.

Has anyone gone into labour at work?

MatthewWrightOffTheTelly Tue 26-Jul-11 20:46:49

5 hrs for DD (courtesy of an anterior lip I think)
1 hr for DS (unplanned homebirth!)

MatthewWrightOffTheTelly Tue 26-Jul-11 20:49:41

So did you name him in the end Thisisyesterday. smile

Lollyheart Tue 26-Jul-11 20:52:55

Dc1 1 hr 40 mins
Dc2 3hrs
Dc3 2hours
Due dc4 in 8 weeks, I'm hoping I'll sneeze it out grin

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