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baby breech at 34 weeks?

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littlebrighteyes Wed 13-Jul-11 21:44:38

hi i just wanted folks experiences really-this is 4th baby and never had this happen before

midwife said by next appointment -36 weeks if shes not turned that they try to move her and if that dont work book u in for c section.....

to be honest it just seems like a tight fit for her to turn now.......and im worrying what will happen as never had a c section ect......and how long it takes to hubby will be run ragged with all of us and me not been able to get about my oap dad to see to as well.......

any advice ? x

peedieworky Wed 13-Jul-11 21:49:53

I had this same problem and worked really hard to turn my DS. It worked (or he moved by himself I guess) although I needed an ECS in the end anyway so it was pointless! Basically I spent pretty much any time I could forward leaning. I had a gym ball I leant on and spent hours kneeling supported by it. In the end I felt him turn - an experience I can't really describe as was soooooo weird as he was very much squeezed for space (am fairly skinny hipped and he was 9lb - hence the ECS...)

HereLiesDobbyAFreeElf Wed 13-Jul-11 21:51:09

It is a bit scary at this stage.

My DS2 was breech until 33 weeks, and by god when he turned he turned. I felt each and every movement and felt a bit queasy. Not helping much really with that, but the point is that babies can tuirn themselves.

Fingers crossed for you. Would you go with the hands on turning, or would you prefer the CS?

Withwoman Wed 13-Jul-11 22:07:42

www has some really good information about breech birth. Remember its your choice.

LearningFast Thu 14-Jul-11 10:20:06

Hi Littlebrighteyes,

I am in a very similar situation as you, in that my LO is also breech and I am 34 weeks. It feels very scary, and upsetting as it could end up with me being a long way from my birth preferences (home birth with independent midwife and water pool in the dining room)... This is my first baby so I don't have the same family issues as you to deal with as well though - my sympathies for you having the stress of that too!

Although she is independent, our midwife has pretty much given us the same information as yours at this point... that there is still time for the baby to turn by itself and there are things I can do to help facilitate this, and if it is still breech at 37 weeks I have the option of CVS to try to have it turned. Only difference is that she isn't automatically assuming I will have to have EVC and a C-section - it's very much my choice. Having said that I am not sure I would have the courage to go through a home birth with a breech baby...

At the moment I am just doing my best to help the baby to turn, by keeping myself moving, in all 4's type positions where possible (spending a couple of hours each evening leaning over the birthing ball, swimming breast stroke, doing DIY tasks on my hands and knees etc). Having said that, I am typing this from my desk at work, having had 90 minute drive to get here - both of which are far from ideal!

I have an accupuncture appointment booked for Monday, which will be followed by 5 days of moxibustion treatment - there is some evidence that this works with encouraging breech babies to turn so I wanted to try that before ECV.

Tangle Thu 14-Jul-11 10:59:39

I was facing this decision a few years back, although DD had been breech from 28 weeks.

In addition to AIMS (and specifically their publication "Breech Birth: What are my options" by Jane Evans), I found "Breech Birth" by Benna Waites and googling Mary Cronk to be very useful and informative.

We did a lot of reading and talking and thinking, and ultimately did go for a planned HB of a breech baby. Fundamental to that decision was knowing that our IMs had, between them, substantial breech experience (far more than I was likely to get in hospital) and that we would be aiming for a very unmedicalised version of breech birth. I had talked to the hospital about vaginal breech and I'd have had a CS in preference to the birth they described (this article by Mary Cronk summarises the differences).

littlebrighteyes - as its your 4th you may well find the hospital are a lot more open to the idea of vaginal breech. They'll like the fact you've had 3 births already and so have "proven" your pelvis (hate that expression, but might come in handy). If its a route you want to pursue its worth asking for an appointment with a Consultant Midwife or Supervisor of Midwives, either of whom should be able to advise on the breech skills within their unit.

LearningFast - have you pushed your IM on her breech experience? My guess would be that she doesn't want to lead you into a decision that is against NICE guidlines, but would support your wholeheartedly if you made that decision by yourself.

Something else that has some good reports is a chiropractic method called the Webster Technique - it assumes there is some tension in the muscles that support the pelvis, which is causing a torsion in the uterus that is constricting things such that the baby can't turn. By releasing the pelvis you, hopefully, remove the muscle problems and free up more turning room. If you decide to try it, make sure practitioner has suitable training (as with all these things). Knowing the logic I suspect any physical therapist (physio, chiro, osteo) has the potential to help if this is the problem.

Deciding how to bring your breech baby into the world is a horrible decision and I firmly believe there is no universal right answer. We did a lot of talking, reading, thinking and soul-searching before coming to our decision. It wasn't one we took lightly at all and neither will it be the right answer for all other women carrying breech. All any of us can do is to make the most right (or least wrong) decision we can, taking into consideration our situation and support at the time.

littlebrighteyes Thu 14-Jul-11 20:13:45

thanks guys for the replys smile

Chynah Thu 14-Jul-11 21:04:50

DD was breech til 35/36 weeks - she turned on her own and I really felt it! I did nothing to encourage her to turn as was having section anyway so wasn't bothered so it can just happen on its own even at this stage.

wigglesrock Thu 14-Jul-11 21:18:34

Dd2 and dd3 were both breech, dd2 moved herself at 35 weeks, felt every minute of it, dd3 moved at 36 weeks, didn't feel it all hmm. I did nothing to turn them, just the usual running around like a headless chicken smile.

beckynbump Thu 14-Jul-11 21:20:56

DD number 3 was breech at 37/38 weeks and CS booked there and then. I objected and asked to have a go at being manually turned and with great relief it worked with only a little amount of discomfort. She stayed that way and I had the lovely natural birth I wanted. Good luck and don't give up too soon.

mamalovebird Thu 14-Jul-11 21:29:02

My ds was breech and at 36 I was told I'd have to mentally prepare myself for a c-section. I'd heard that being on all fours for periods of time encourages them to turn naturally so at 38 weeks I spent a day painting the bathroom floor and lo and behold, he turned! It felt very weird and I felt really sick all day but he stayed. Hope yours turns for you, there's still time. Scrub your floors to within an inch of their life. good luck.

Paschaelina Thu 14-Jul-11 21:31:14

I had a successful ECV at 37 weeks. I would have pushed for a vaginal breech birth if not successful.

kiwijesta Fri 15-Jul-11 09:49:58

My baby was transverse at 20 weeks and breech at 34. At 36 weeks I had an ECV which didn't work, can't say I would recommend them either. At 38 weeks we had an ELCS, and it was great! I really liked knowing what was going to happen when, it was calm and very special. I know a CS might not be in your plans but surely a planned one is better than an emergency?
Good luck to both of you!

LearningFast Fri 22-Jul-11 01:58:52

LittleBrightEyes, how are things looking now? Is your baby still breech?

Mine is :0(

Elsjas Fri 22-Jul-11 12:54:57

I had a successful ECV at 37 weeks. I know that some people find it a horrid procedure but I found it only uncomfortable and definitely worth doing as I wanted a VB.

Apparently I was turning from breech to the right way up pretty much every couple of days in the last few weeks when I was inside my Mum's tummy. She thinks that dd's ECV was revenge for the stress that I caused her! But it does show that there can be lots of movement in the last few weeks.

mrsaligee Fri 22-Jul-11 13:03:17

Hi, mine was an undiagnosed breech but was told at about 34 weeks she was back to back so they encouraged me to do all the things that all you ladies have done to try to turn her.

Unfortunately whilst I was in labour they discovered she was actually breech, tried to deliver her naturally (really gave it a good go) but the consultant opted for EMCS as I'd been in labour (albeit fully dilated) for some time.

My advice would be to try everything so at least you can say to yourself you've done everything you can to turn her

BeautifulBirths Fri 22-Jul-11 23:09:16

Please see an acupuncturist re moxibustion. It's more successful than ECV (Doctor turning them) Also Hypno therapy can really help turn them so I'm told. Excersises too. Go on all fours elbows on floor nad bum in the air. It's uncomfortable but babe feels that too and shuffles round to get more comfy! Do this 4 - 6 times a day for a few minutes. Wives tales worth a try are cold peas on the back of the baby's head. HE mmay move away from cold and carry on turning! Alternately a vaginal breech birth is not ruled out. Especially with your forth baby. Look up Mary Cronk and critques of the HAnnah trial too. This is the trial most doctors quote as proving vaginal breech is unsafe but it is flawed in my opinion. You need to discuss your individual case with your midwife / doctor and if you're not sure seek a second opinion from a midwife competent in breech in your area (usually an indepepndent midwife) for a balanced view on your individual circumstances. Good luck!

littlebrighteyes Fri 22-Jul-11 23:24:49

hi-i next go midwife on this wed coming -so will find out then-i think shes still breech- so will be 36 weeks

matildawormwood Fri 22-Jul-11 23:37:11

DD was breech all through my pregnancy. Had an unsuccessful ECV at 37 weeks and resigned myself to having a C-section. I did however try to spend a lot of time on all fours, and tried moxibustion a couple of times but didn't feel any movement whatsoever. Lo and behold, I turned up for my C-section and 10 minutes before going into theatre midwife has a feel of bump and baby has turned round without me even noticing it. I was sent home and eventually gave birth naturally. I still can't believe I didn't feel her turn. And it must have happened around 38/39 weeks. So don't despair. It does happen.

moonbells Sat 23-Jul-11 10:11:20

I would say to *make sure you know what kind of breech your baby is*: if it's a frank (extended) breech, that is with legs straight out and feet up near the head, it can be quite dangerous to try and turn them if they don't go naturally. In this scenario, legs can catch on the cord/placenta or the hips can dislocate if they are turned. ECV does not have a good success rate.
If you have a footling breech or any other where legs are tucked up around their bum, then turning is more likely to work.

(DS was extended so I went straight for ELCS on safety grounds. tbh I figured I could cope with some discomfort if he was OK, and a planned CS is safer in the first place than an emergency one.)

LearningFast Fri 29-Jul-11 09:40:53

Hi LittleBrightEyes,

I've been thinking of you. How did you get on with your midwife on Wednesday? Is your baby still breech and if so are you going to have ECV?

I am seeing my midwife today - fingers crossed the baby has turned. I have definitely felt movements in different places over the last week...

lizandlulu Fri 29-Jul-11 12:34:11

hiya littlebrighteyes i was in the same situation as you, baby was breech from 28 weeks that i know of, she never turned on her own and i didnt think she would as the hopsital kept telling me she was going to be big, over 9lb at birth.

i had the ECV, which really hurt, but didnt work. the consultant kept saying 'its just too big to get in my hands' and he reccomended c section.

but i went into labour the week before and had to have emcs.

my one bit of advice, after having the section, would be to try and find out actually how big your baby is and decide if you would like to try nd push it out. i wish i had as it turned out my baby was 8lb 3, not the massive thing they told me she would be and i wish i had tried to push her out.
this c section has wiped me off my feet, its the beginning of the school hols, i have a 5 year old to look after, no help and feel absoloutly rubbish.

i would have happily gone though 20 odd hours of labour if it ment i could have avioded this.

after 3 other children, if i was you i would def look into having the baby naturally if possible and they have experienced staff to help you.

i hope all goes wellsmile

mrsaligee Fri 29-Jul-11 13:12:31

Hi, that's interesting what Moonbells said about the type of breech. DD1 was frank (extended) breech but of course because it was an undiagnosed we didn't find this out until after one of the midwives visited me at home after she was born. So all that trying to turn her wouldn't have worked in my case, nor would they have done an ECV.

Am nearly 30 weeks and DD2 is breech but feels like her feet are on my bladder. I go at 36 weeks back to the consultant and have been offered a scan to see how she is lying which will then inform my choice of ELCS or VBAC. At this stage though, still leaning towards ELCS as my experience EMCS wasn't bad, although the recovery time was rather long.

LearningFast Sun 31-Jul-11 12:16:18

Mrsaligee, sorry to hear your second baby is breech at 30 weeks too.

I saw my midwife on Friday and she thinks our baby is still breech, and we have a scan booked for Monday to double check this and to also check things like size of the baby / current position of placenta / whereabouts of legs etc.

Those of you who have had ECV - did you ask beforehand as to the track record of the person who was to do this? Everything I read about ECV says to ask, but I'm not sure how to find out about different consultants experience / skill levels... we haven't been assigned to a consultant yet...

lizandlulu Sun 31-Jul-11 17:49:12

learningfast no i didnt ask, i just too it for granted they knew what they were doing and were experienced in it.

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