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polyhydramnios (High Amniotic Fluid Levels) + gastro nasal tube

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hollyw Tue 12-Jul-11 15:10:52

I've just had a call from the midwife to discuss the baby having a gastro nasal tube when it is born due to my high amniotic fluid levels. Had a scan at 36 weeks and they were 28.3.

Has anyone else had this done or been advised that this will happen. The consultant didn't seem all that concerned last week about the levels other than the fact that they were high and that I will be rescanned a week on thursday.

Withwoman Wed 13-Jul-11 09:43:26

Its a new thing where I am. The theory is that that the higher levels of fluid may be caused by a blockage and that passing an ng tube will establish whether or not the baby can feed properly. If you plan to feed artificially then any milk ending up where it shouldn't is likely to cause infection. If you are breastfeeding it would be less of a problem as the breastmilk would just be reabsorbed should it find its way somewhere it shouldn't be.

Remember that they can't do anything to either you or your baby without your express consent.

charlottery Wed 13-Jul-11 10:52:53

Its to check for a condition called oesophageal atresia, (the baby's gullet being closed off so not passing down to the stomach) Its important as if a baby is fed with this, then the milk will not pass down to the stomach and can then be aspirated back into the lungs. Its a problem whether the baby is breast or bottle fed. The tube is passed and taken out again very quickly immediately after the baby is born, in the labour room as a rule. Obviously it probably isn't very nice for the baby but it isn't as dramatic as it sounds, and is far better than dealing with the potential problems created by aspiration. Hope this helps a little

hollyw Wed 13-Jul-11 12:17:16

Thanks both for the info. I'm 'happy' for this procedure to be done if it is believed that there may be a risk, I'm just concerned that they are talking about it at the moment as I haven't even had the results of my Gestational Diabetes or possible viruses back yet which I understand may also lead to increased fluid levels.


NotAnotherNewNappy Wed 13-Jul-11 17:12:15

I was warned this test would be carried out as soon as DD2 was born as I also had polyhydramnois (my api levels went crazy in the last few weeks, up to 36 IIRC). However, when she came out she was screaming blue murder and was obviously fine so they didn't bother. In the vast majority of cases there is no obvious reason for PH. Trust your consultant rather than MW as he/she will have more experience of this. Best of luck x

Withwoman Wed 13-Jul-11 19:13:55

What's with the midwife bashing! Midwives are highly trained in recognising normal and referring on what isn't. They also are very aware of the limitations of ultrasound. They can be trusted, even though they might offer you a different opinion. Its up to you to make you own decisions from the information that you have gleened.

TheOriginalFAB Wed 13-Jul-11 19:16:22

I had an unexpected emergency c section with ds1 (wasn't in labour). he had a tube stuck down his nose and it may well have been a gastro nasal tube. I was in shock and wasn't told the proper name. If you want to ask anything, do.

hollyw Wed 13-Jul-11 23:21:20

I wasn't midwife bashing. I assumed that she was passing on a message from the consultant if I'm honest but that's irrelevant really. My post was really just a query as to whether or not other people had come across this procedure as I hadn't been given any specific information suggesting that there was a definite problem with the baby's stomach. I was aware that it might be a possibility (from my own research) but that other issues may also be causing the high AFI. I came on here looking for more information as the phone call was a bit of a shock and I wanted to find out other's experiences before calling back to speak to the midwife in further detail.

I will be making my own decisions from information gleened but it certainly won't be based on just what the midwife or the consultant tells me, neither will it be based on just an article found on google or just on someone's experience on here.

lateatwork Sat 16-Jul-11 02:21:53

hi.... am probably a bit late for this topic... but i had poly too- very high at the end of the pregnancy. I was still able to have homebirth- although was transferred to hospital for another reason during my labour. When born, my dd had this procedure and all was fine with us. My consultant was pretty sure that all would be fine before she was born from ultrasound... but said he couldnt be 100% sure... thus the need.

they could not find a reason for my poly- apparently sometimes it 'just happens'...

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