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How much do I need to pack for a 5 day post-natal hospital stay?

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Daisybell1 Mon 11-Jul-11 16:47:47

I hope this is the right forum!

I am booked into my lovely MLU and have been allowed a longer stay post-natal due to bad anxiety/pre-natal depression, which hopefully will help me establish BFing, and leave me feeling confident and better able to cope at home.

I'm starting to think about a hospital bag and what to pack - any ideas how many nighties/PJs I'm likely to get through in that time? Also, do I need 5 each of vests and sleepsuits for DC1?

I'm going to sling a mini-pack of nappies in but is there anything else I'll need more of for a longer stay?

RuthChan Mon 11-Jul-11 20:07:07

My hospital stays were also 5 days. (Standard where my DCs were born.)
Personally, I found the hospitals pretty hot, so I did need a couple of PJ sets to allow me to change.
Your DC will need at least 5 sets of clothes. One for each day and a few extras for the changes that will be necessary if he/she sicks up or anything.
You'll get through quite a lot of nappies. Newborns get through anything up to 10 per day.

Will you be having many visits from your DH/parents/family/friends etc?
If so, you will find that you can ask for things you need as they come up.
For example, I was able to send my DH home with my and DC's clothes etc. He washed them and brought them back if necessary. He also bought more nappies as and when I went through the ones I had.

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