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35+4 wks and not given a date for elective cs (3rd cs)

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jollyjollymom Mon 11-Jul-11 11:44:55

Hi all,
I am 35+4 today and I have not been given a date for my elective cs. I had EMCS with dd1 and ELCS with dd2 +dd3 (twins) both abroad. I have it written in my notes " to have ELCS bet 38 - 39 wks " at my booking visit but was never mentioned again, had my 34 wks appointment last week, the junior doc doesn't even seem to have my obstetric history. I am given another appointment next monday (36+4 wks) that's when I can raise this question again ( probably to another junior doc or the same one) I am almost term now and when are they going to do all this, what if I go into labour early?? OR are they going to talk me through to having a VBAC ?? can't get my head around this?? When do they actually post you for ELCS ? could someone come up with some info please.....

tiggersreturn Mon 11-Jul-11 16:30:01


I had an EMCS with ds and am currently expecting twins. I was very heavily pushed towards ELCS by the first 5 obs I saw (I'm high risk for other reasons) but when I finally agreed was told that this would only be booked at 34 weeks. Now they've had a sudden volteface and according to the last obs I saw want me to vbac and to be induced with it. I think the obs I saw may have missed a rather crucial bit on my notes the last time so next appt when I'm on mat leave I'll just say that I'm prepared to wait and see the consultant and discuss it with him.

Are you being seen by doctors or a mw? If the former I'd suggest asking to see the consultant and have this out properly or if really concerned see if you can get booked into an earlier clinic to raise this. I'd also suggest taking someone with you for support at your next appointment so you can make sure the point is got across and you don't get written off as an overemotional pg woman.

Good luck!

jollyjollymom Mon 11-Jul-11 16:54:44

thankyou so much tiggers, I will take your advice, DH is taking day off from work to attend the appointment with me, and also I am going to ring the hospital tomorrow to see if I can get an earlier date for my next appointment, so that things won't go too late.. thanks again..

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