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Did/does anyone else feel ridiculously depressed that their birth is over?

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BettyBum Sun 10-Jul-11 19:41:25

I don't know what is wrong with me. I had my baby 8 days ago at home and it was wonderful. Now I'm starting to think it was too wonderful...I just can't believe it's over, all that preparation, excitement, fear etc, it's all over. I'm left with my gorgeous baby who I love with all my heart, but why do I keep crying about the birth being over? As well as this I had 3 of the most amazing midwives ever and they were all a similar age as me and we bonded really well. I couldn't believe it when they just left afterwards, it felt so strange that we had shared this experience and they had been so nurturing and brilliant but then they just leave and that still feels really unnatural. One of them came to see me the other day and it was lovely but then it hit home that they will discharge me soon and that thought was awful.

Has anyone else felt like this and what did you do? Probably should put this in mental health too, feel like an emotional car crash!!

laughalot Sun 10-Jul-11 19:45:50

Its just your hormones enjoy your lovely baby. I have two children and I think deep down its something we all miss but you will be fine and learn to deal with it. Enjoy your baby my baby is 7 on wednesday feels like just yesterday.

Secondtimelucky Sun 10-Jul-11 20:03:16

It's the hormones - and the fact that all pregnant women (myself included) seem to focus on the pregnancy and birth bit first time round and forget about the baby at the end! If you have a great birth, it can be a bit like how some people have a big come down after their wedding (but hormonally super charged!).

I can see what you mean about the midwives. I had an amazing doula for the birth of DD2 (DD1 having been a bit of a nightmare) a month ago. It can feel a bit weird to go through something so intense with someone who isn't then a continuing close influence in your life - you'd normally only share such intense emotions with very close friends and family. With my doula it's nice because there's a bit of continuing contact and, even in the future I'll probably email her photos, etc every once in a while. She's also on here so I 'see' her from time to time. I can see that when the midwives just pack up and immediately go it would feel odd.

BettyBum Sun 10-Jul-11 20:43:30

Thanks guys, that's helpful.

This is actually my second baby. With DD I had a hospital birth and didn't really feel like this as it was lovely but not like this one. This birth was truly brilliant from start to finish. Yeah I think the midwife thing is the hardest factor. It's so strange to just think I will probably never see these people again!

The analogy about the wedding is spot on, I said that to DP today. All that prep, attention etc and then nothing! But I couldn't be enjoying my baby any more, I feel like all I do is kiss and stare at him!!

Thanks, just need to stop crying and pull myself together grin

Secondtimelucky Sun 10-Jul-11 20:51:06

Don't be too hard on yourself. Those hormones are a bugger to fight! I'd give yourself a fortnight or two, then pull yourself together!

beckynbump Sun 10-Jul-11 21:18:17

I have felt similar after all three of my births, though not as upset as you sound to have been. I loved being pregnant, had easy (painful but bearable )births and gorgeous babes and after each one, within days, hubby and I have ben planning the next. Hard to explain to those that feel never again after giving birth, but even this time, sitting here with my three day old babe, I think it will be hard to make the decision to stop at 3.

Try not to be too upset, but think how lucky you are to have such lovely memories of the time and enjoy that lovely little babe you have.

Tillyscoutsmum Sun 10-Jul-11 21:21:15

I felt so euphoric after giving birth. Seriously - I was superwoman grin. Once the feeling and adrenaline had slowed down and the exhaustion started to set in, I did feel really down. Throw those pesky hormones into the mix and it can be a really emotional time.

Keep on kissing and staring at your beautiful baby. It will pass soon enough smile

Aloha31 Mon 11-Jul-11 12:29:06

A bit! Just had my first, loved being pregnant and had a lovely birth, and now that DD is here I almost wish I could do it all again, knowing it is her in there!

Congratulations on your baby!

coffeeaddict Mon 11-Jul-11 14:15:12

I cried leaving hospital! It was so lovely (was v fortunate, had been in a private room in private wing) and everyone had been wonderful and it felt like the bubble was about to burst and real life kick in. Plus you are centre of attention when you give birth, it's so dramatic and exciting... I think it's a totally normal reaction.

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