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What can I expect from a CS?

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9DonkeysAndABoy Thu 07-Jul-11 22:09:59

So, having found out that I may have ELCS due to medical reasons (the fibroids noone else seems to have shock), can someone tell me what the procedure is? I read stuff about catheters and such, but I hardly even know what that means? Could someone tell me a bit more about what the whole procedure entails?

Also, is there any difference between private and NHS CS? I am a private patient at Chelsea and Westminster - but CS was not a reason, quite the opposite, I thought it would be a natural birth until yesterday. Now, with a medical reason, I feel like I would be getting exactly the same consultant lead care whether I was on NHS or not!

thursday Sun 10-Jul-11 11:45:23

i refused the volterol up the bum, i felt like that particular doctor had spent quite enough time poking about down there after holding her head of the cord on the way to theatre and then when i had a PPH and he snook a volterol in while i was not with it. he thought i was mad to refuse it, and he's quite possibly mad, but then he had to forcibly wrestle the gas n air off me about 10hours post op, and i'd had it in labour too. i'd convinced the MWs to give me it back twice already blush

after that, my fave painkiller was the liquid paracetamol in a drip. that's really expensive apparently but my bum invasion embargo made them nice about it.

i cant comment on sections really as mine was a crash one and my experience is not the norm but i can share some post op info:
1) the first 24 hours afterwards i honestly thought i'd never walk again, the first time i tried to sit up it took me about 45 minutes to get upright, when they took my catheter out and made me walk to the loo at 3am i wanted to kill everyone, BUT then you come on really fast and i was showering myself by day 3 (god that was good!). i felt 80% better after a week.
2) try and stand up straight. a mw showed me how to get up and unfurl myself to full height, i found i slipped into walking hunched over because i didnt want to stretch, but you need to.
3) peppermint tea. make sure they have some or take your own in. i had trapped wind in my abdomen on day 3 or 4 that was agonising. i could see this huge bubble of air moving across my stomach and i couldnt shift it. peppermint tea helped.

TrinaLuciusMalfoy Sun 10-Jul-11 12:24:08

Bloom It shouldn't do, it'll be something they take into account when they are booking you for surgery though. I never knew anyone have to not have diathermy because of metalwork on their bones! You may want to check with the nurses prepping you whether they need to stick the plate on the other leg, or just elsewhere - I can't remember confused

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