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Latent labour - what can I do?

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PrincessOfWails Thu 07-Jul-11 13:12:34

2nd DC. First labour was very long in the early stages: slight contractions on the Friday, got worse, cleared up by the early hours of the morning on Saturday, then returned on Saturday night, went in, not dilating, got worse and worse, not dilating, went home, couldn't stand the pain and went in by ambulance, still 1 cm, dilated by Monday lunchtime (waters finally went) and baby born 9pm Monday.

This time - I've been having pain and had good contractions from 1am-5am (when I had a bath and phoned the labour ward), every 3 mins. I'm now back to puny lower back contractions, and nothing happening on the dilation.

Can I do anything about this? I'm really missing my DS and want things to get moving so that he's not too traumatised. (Actually, he doesn't mind at all, he's with my Mum, but YKWIM.)

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Thu 07-Jul-11 15:40:43

I can sypathise Princess. With Ds contractions started SUnday, he arrived Weds Night.

I know you know this but GET SOME REST!!!

Then, when you're bored of getting up every however many mins for a contraction...go for a walk/climb stairs/bake yourself a cake to have afterwards. Apparently standing up/walking helps baby get in position and therefore, hopefully, encourages the cervix to dilate.

I think there is evidence that nipple stimulation helps, but it needs to be a lot.

ALso anything that gets oxytocin going, so some sweet loving, with the emphasis on your pleasure, would be good if you can face it.

I found my contractions always disappeared for a while if I was disturbed, eg someone knocked at the door. Even though I didn't answer it.

Really hope things pick up for you. Think positive! smile

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