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Quick help! ELCS appt with consultant this afternoon - questions to ask?

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buttonmoon78 Thu 07-Jul-11 08:00:17

I can't think! I've never been through this before so am wondering what's normal - ie what anaesthetic is normal - spinal or epi?

Will baby be removed or can I hold/feed it straight away? Will I physically be able to?

What else?

I've had 3 natural deliveries so this is all a bit unknown territory confused

Any help this side of lunchtime appreciated.

Trinaluce Thu 07-Jul-11 08:57:58

Anaesthetic as far as I know can be preference of the anaesthetist: I think some prefer to put a spinal block in first then the epi, some don't bother with the spinal. AFAIK it's to do with anticipated levels of pain relief required (note to self, ask this question myself!) You can however choose to back out of that side altogether and go for a GA - mum did for her 4th section. Got up on The Day and just had a minor freak out (she'd previously had 1 GA and 2 epis), decided she couldn't handle it a 4th time and asked for the change when she got to hospital.

You should be able to hold baby as soon (or not!) as you want to, I think most hospitals will be happy for you to do skin to skin straight away, and if you want to ask them to drop the sheeting so you can watch DC arrive you can, and ask them not to tell you whether it's a boy or girl, unless you already know.

All of that kind of stuff is stuff to sort when you arrive in theatre though, that's not stuff the consultant's going to be fussed about. There will be a midwife (or two) in theatre with you, discuss it with her.

As for physical capability of feeding: I couldn't have done, but mine was an EMCS after 70 hours of labour, I could barely have told you my name, let alone BF! From a logistical point of view though you are flat on your back and from memory I don't think I would have been physically able to feed at that angle.

As far as your meeting with the consultant goes, I would keep the questions to the logistics: date of the op, anaesthetic, ask him to talk you through what happens, that kind of thing. If he's any cop he should answer everything without you needing to ask smile

FWIW I've seen a lot of ELCSs (ex theatre nurse) and if you want to know anything about the procedure itself, give me a shout smile

MrsCrazyLegs Thu 07-Jul-11 09:22:36

I had an ELCS in May because DD was breech, and the last scan showed a possible problem with her bowel. The questions I has for the consultant were therefore mainly about the baby - who will be there for her, how will they check her, will they take her away etc. Thank god there was no problem (she did a poo on the paedatrician when she came out, just to prove she was fine smile). I also had blood pressure probs, so I asked how that would be managed (the anaesthetic can lower BP). To my shame (in hindsight feels really flippant & vain) I also asked about hair down there. The consultant answered with a perfectly straight face (wanted me to be au naturel as believe healing can be hindered when the hair grows back!)

I was told that the spinal is preferred now, but you can request general if you really have a problem with being awake. I wasn't allowed to hold DD immediately when she came out, DH held her until the op was over. When in the recovery room, we then did skin to skin and the MW helped with latching for BF - she took to the boob straight away (practically hasn't been off since).

As Trinaluce says, if your doc is any good he'll cover everything with you, but they also gave me a load of stuff to read and my MW said she'd get answers if I thought of any Q's after the appt.

I had a really positive experience - the theatre staff particularly were great - hope you have the same.

buttonmoon78 Thu 07-Jul-11 09:59:54

That makes me feel a lot better. I've such a sieve like head atm (more holes than not!) that I can barely remember what day it is let alone whether I was meant to ask something specific! And dh would quite happily have come with me but it's only been arranged since Tuesday and he's 3 hrs away all week!

What about what to take in your hospital bag? I'm used to packing v light (longest stay post baby has been 24hrs, shortest 4hrs) so I don't really know what I'll need. Is it the same as a vd, just more of it?

I'm totally out of my comfort zone grin

Freezingmyarseoff Thu 07-Jul-11 10:17:50

If you have any concerns about the type of anaesthetic and that side of things, you could ask to speak with the anaesthetist as well since you are having an ELCS they should know which team will be working when you are booked in. They should have a clinic for you to meet them beforehand, but you may need to specifically request that, I don't think it's standard without a referral/request from your Ob/Gyn consultant. My SIL is an anaesthetist and she told me this, but luckily my Ob arranged an anaesthetist appt anyway. It made a big difference. On the day, in the theatre I found that we mostly talked with the anaesthetist rather than surgeon because of the screen in the way. And also it is their job to monitor you (and keep you somewhat distracted).
You'll be fine, I'm sure

I've only had an ELCS so can't comment so much on different things in your hospital bag, but assume you will be in longer. One thing I found massively useful was some horrible NCT net type pants. They look hideous but were brilliant for keeping maternity pads in place and didn't irritate the sunroof wound at all. Plus they are so easy to wash and dry you only need a couple of pairs at the most.

Sorry that was more of an essay than intended. I'm not very good at saying things concisely smile

buttonmoon78 Thu 07-Jul-11 10:22:53

It's a bit late for an appt with the anaesthetist. I was in last Weds when they set my date for induction (next Fri) but there were no appts then. So I don't think we'll be meeting anyone til the big day.

My sister is an anaesthetist though so I'm hoping she'll give me some idea of what might be going on.

Am hoping she'll ring me this morning so I can get her to give me any questions I need to be asking!

buttonmoon78 Thu 07-Jul-11 10:24:25

Sorry - that was confusing! I am currently booked in for induction but because of persistent OP presentation it's looking likely I'll be changing to an elcs. 2/3 current dcs were OP and so they think I might have an issue with my pelvis. #3 caused permanent back damage and we're keen to avoid this again.

Booboostoo Thu 07-Jul-11 11:31:08

I had an ELCS 5 weeks ago and found that if I pushed I got what I wanted. I had an epi and it was great to be conscious through-out, they also left it in for 24 hours which helped with pain relief. I wanted OH in the room which apparently they don't do as standard but when I said I would not do it alone, they agreed. I was given the baby as soon as she came out and she lay on my chest for the remainder of the op. She then went to be checked over while I was in the recovery room and then I had her back on the ward for bf.

PinkSpottyBag Thu 07-Jul-11 11:48:09

Hello, I have had 3 elective sections and will be having my 4th at some stage in 2012.

All mine have been with a spinal block, as I understand it lasts for less time than an epidural as they only need to get in and get out so to speak.

Once baby delivered handed to husband for the cooing whilst I was sewn up and then straight off to room to recover and all 3 breastfed straight away propped on my side as legs were still numb from Spinal. Up and about after 4 hours with all of them and in the shower the next morning. Driving after 14, 12 and 10 days respectively and no infection with any of them. Painkillers for about 3 days but felt fine after that.

I would say make sure you stand tall and don't hunch over as it doesn't help your back, with No.1 I was worried my stitches would burst if I stood tall and hence got a bad back hmm

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