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chances of going early before 3rd elcs

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mrsmon Wed 06-Jul-11 13:13:49

im due my 3rd elcs in 6 weeks and have got a feeling im going to go early! (imagination)

does anyone know what will happen and what are the chances of this happening after having 2 previous?
maybe im just being paranoid ! i never went early with last 2 had my sections on date planned but i think because of the previous 2 im a bit more nervous incase i go early. (dont want to just nervous)

does anyone have any experience on this? i feel as though im waking on eggshells trying to keep baby in!

mrsmon Wed 06-Jul-11 20:58:00

anyone? x

PeppaPigandGeorge Fri 08-Jul-11 14:54:53

I did 5 weeks before my 2nd ELCS. Docs tried to bully talk me into VBAC, saying I had made an informed choice about full term ELCS but not pre-term ELCS. I'd say make sure it is recorded in your notes that you definitely want ELCS if you go early.

I was told that the protocol here would be to add you on to the end of the list of electives, so there would be a risk of a fast labour and delivering before then, so go to hospital straight away if you think you are in abour or having any contractions as the sooner you're there the sooneer you'd be CS'd.

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