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Quick labour - why so tired?

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Hormoneoverload Wed 06-Jul-11 10:19:56

had dd2 (dc3) last Friday and feel totally wiped out. Dh says I was like this with other two but I remember feeling a bit less physically exhausted a bit sooner. Can do five mins light tidying before I have to stop or walk bent over. The labour was very fast - under two hours start of strong contractions til job done and 15 min second stage. It was great, don't remember it being too intense to cope with- Not that completely scary fast labour some describe. I suppose I was awake the night before with niggles. Anyone else had Fast labour and felt as wrung out as before? Baby doing well, so no more than usual sleep dep and resting in the afternoons and eating better than I remember with other two. Am I just getting old?!!

Rindercella Wed 06-Jul-11 10:24:51

You already have two children and a now have a new baby. No wonder you're knackered!! How old are the older 2, how old is your baby?

Really, I think you should give yourself a break and don't be so hard on yourself. Give your body time to readjust - pregnancy and childbirth is bloody hard on us, no matter how quick the actual labour is. Take time to recover and rest as much as you can....get others to help you whenever you can.

And congratulations on your new baby grin

wolfhound Wed 06-Jul-11 10:34:29

I had DC3 3 wks ago after a 2hr labour. Also knackered! You are recovering from pregnancy, birth, and have 2 other kids. Funnily enough, DH also knackered, tho' knows not to go on about it ...

Tangle Wed 06-Jul-11 10:43:19

labour is called labour for a reason - its hard, well, "labour"! I suspect that the mount of effort involved is similar - whether labour lasts 3 days or 3 hours (although you'd hopefully not be suffering so many sleepless nights with the later).

You had a baby 5 days ago. Stop trying to be "normal mum who runs the house", put some PJ's on, get your new baby and lie on the sofa being "new mum in need of TLC" for a few days - much easier to achieve if you don't look like "normal mum" wink. The house will not fall apart for not being dusted. The older kids will not suffer for having to pick up their own toys for a few days.

As an aside, did you loose any blood? I had a PPH after DD1 and was shattered for ages. Spatone was great for helping me pick up and get going again with none of the ferrous sulphate side effects.

Oh - and Congrats on your new DD grin

Rindercella Wed 06-Jul-11 10:52:53

5 days shock shock shock Didn't read your op properly and missed the bit where you said last Friday. You mad person! Put your feet up and get some rest. Your body has been through a physical trauma, no matter how quick.

And v good point about labour being called labour for a reason. I remember when I went into labour with DD1, DH was meant to be on a conference call with some Russians. He sent them a quick email, saying that I had gone into labour and he wouldn't be able to make the call. Cue lots of confused Russians, wondering what on earth he could have meant. When DH explained it was childbirth, they got it immediately and thought labour was a very good term for it!! grin

And the last thing I agree with Tangled on is Spatone!

LisMcA Wed 06-Jul-11 10:55:05

Could you be anemic? I was and I had a CS to less physical effort on my part. I'm still shattered now and DS is nearly 10 weeks! Climbing the stairs is a huge effort sometimes!

Don't sweat the small stuff like dusting and tidying, enjoy your new DD and let you body do what it needs to to recover!

Congratulations! grin

Tuppenyrice Wed 06-Jul-11 10:57:52

Congratulations on your new baby.
if you get up and about and look normal you have lost your babymoon period. You need to recover. You have 3 kids now & if you want your body to make milk you'd better rest and get someone to feed you.
Do you have support?

melrose Wed 06-Jul-11 11:04:41

Stop tidying, it can wait, get your backside on the sofa, put your feet up and enjoy your baby!!! Seriously you had a baby 5 days ago, you need to give yourself time to recover! Enjoying tiem with your family and feeling proud of what you ahve done has to beat a tidy house

Hormoneoverload Wed 06-Jul-11 12:20:34

Thanks all! Think we're being sensible, doing very very little bits of stuff and taking to my bed all afternoon. Dh brill, and there is dust and untidiness everywhere. I feel unborhered in a way I didn't with the others. Do like to have a shower and put clothes on in the morning by which I mean sometime before noon! And being strict about visitors-no one in the afternoon and only one a day. I'm not prepared to crash and burn like I did after ds or try to prove to the world that I can do it all. Oh-and dinner being delivered every evening by gorgeous neighbours. Just wanted to check I wasn't being a wuss. I have to remind myself she was nine and a half pounds!! Congrats to all those who have new babes too!

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