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My waters have gone!! 40+1 with DC3...

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milliemuffin Sat 02-Jul-11 00:32:01

02/07/11 00:30milliemuffin
I'm not having any contractions of any significance but it's a start!

I'm having my third baby, already got a 4yo and an 18mo, both labours were very different and my DS was 8lb, DD was 6lb 8, 11 and 14 days early respectively. This one is a day late so who knows what this one will do / be like!

IdDoAndyMurrayInAHurry Sat 02-Jul-11 00:57:15

Ooh how exciting, get on your ball if you have one or go for a walk.

milliemuffin Sat 02-Jul-11 01:01:04

We're actually just relaxing at the mo. The midwives have not long been sent home from another home birth so the more sleep they get the better for me so I'm in no rush to get things going. Just dozing on the sofa, contractions between 8 and 10mins apart.

madhattershouse Sat 02-Jul-11 01:03:51

Be aware that things can get moving mych quicker after several births. I went from 1cm dilated to birth in under half an hour. Good luck!!

Happydogsaddog Sat 02-Jul-11 01:09:48

Try and pack in some sleep. Where are LOs?

essexmumma Sat 02-Jul-11 01:13:56

Exciting!!! Good luck xxxgrin

milliemuffin Sat 02-Jul-11 01:18:15

As soon as I realised my waters had definitely gone we rang the grandparents to warn them DP would be round with the DC in 5mind, he was back within 10 so hopefully they're both asleep already.

SposeIOughtToNameChange Sat 02-Jul-11 01:19:19

Oooh...have fun! Hope all goes well xxxgrin

ThePathanKhansWoman Sat 02-Jul-11 01:23:19

How lovelysmile your going to have a beautiful brand new baby by this time tomorrow.Good luck.x

Thornykate Sat 02-Jul-11 01:32:32

grin way to go Millie! Will be checking in to see how things are going during the night as I am doing the night feeds.

So glad things are happening for you now, baby must of been hanging on for a July birthday. All the best wishes for a lovely birth smile xxx

milliemuffin Sat 02-Jul-11 01:59:26

Thanks ladies and Hi Thorny! smile

Still every 8-10mins but getting stronger. Difficult to know when to call again as never got closer than 7mins with DD and she popped out in one push.

LolaRennt Sat 02-Jul-11 02:23:42


Thornykate Sat 02-Jul-11 03:27:25

How's it going Millie? All good I hope smile next feed (hopefully) Wont be til after 6 so maybe mini muffin will be here by then grin

milliemuffin Sat 02-Jul-11 04:06:30

Midwife is here but still only every 8 mins so slow going.

Thornykate Sat 02-Jul-11 05:47:40

Hope it's going well. Maybe things will/ already have had sped up quite quickly near the end, hope so smile

<runs off to check fbook for updates too>

milliemuffin Sat 02-Jul-11 09:45:38

We are over the moon to announce that our beautiful baby girl Kiera Isobelle was born at home in the pool at 6:03 this morning weighing a whopping 9lb 1. Despite exhaustion we are all very well. Xx

Liluri Sat 02-Jul-11 09:46:28

Great news! Congratulations to you all smile

Happydogsaddog Sat 02-Jul-11 17:32:22

Congratulations Millie Muffin, hope you're all well grin

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