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Help me go into labour QUICKLY!

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skandi1 Fri 01-Jul-11 21:37:55

I am currently 39 weeks with DC2.

A bit of background: Had EMCS with DD after 52 hours of active labour at more or less fully dialated as she was deemed too large (9lbs 5oz) and head in poor position to make it out any other way.

Had consultants appointment today and scan. DC2 is now 9lbs 4oz as of today and I have been advised to have a CS at the end of next week given that size of DC2 will be around 10lbs by then and the risk of scar rupture much increased.

I am very reluctant to have a CS and I could avoid it as long as I go into labour naturally before the end of next week (any medical induction also deemed to risky).

So anyone have any experiences? Any old wivestales which actually work??

I am aware of the recent pineapple thread here on MN and have a couple of large pineapples sitting in the kitchen ready for eating shortly.

Any ideas?


mumof4sons Fri 01-Jul-11 22:43:33

I feel for you.

Sex is supposed to help get you started, also try stimulating your nipples. The nipple stimulation helps really well when in labour, sped mine up.

People swear by curries, champagne, bumpy car rides. Try to stay on your feet when you feel the first twinges and rock back and forth.

good luck x

skandi1 Fri 01-Jul-11 23:55:45

Thank you! Am going to try sex and the nipple thing. Tried curry already but has only given me reflux, not contractions.

Anything else worth a try??

MummyAbroad Sat 02-Jul-11 01:33:43

I went 8 days over and was getting heavily threatened with induction which I really didnt want to do, so tried several things with earnest.


and finally what worked (within 1/2 an hour) was... the dreaded castor oil.

You will get a lot of people telling you not to do this unless you are desperate, and with good reason. It really is unpleasant as it gives you diarreah, so for the first bit of early labour I was on and off the loo every five minutes - not easy! However I was desperate, and it worked so looking back I dont regret it. I took a big tablespoon stirred into some orange juice (to make it taste better) and started contracting (and running to the loo!) about 30 mins later. Do try the pineapples first though! good luck!!

madhattershouse Sat 02-Jul-11 01:35:02

Raspberry leaf tea.

MotherPanda Sat 02-Jul-11 09:15:30

just a warning about castor oil - apparently it works for about 53% of people, so you might be one of the 47% who just gets very sick. Also - be very careful about dehydration if you do this - keep up the fluids! Very dangerous to get dehydrated in labour.

Try taking evening primrose and raspberry leaf tea (or tablets) both of these should help to ripen your cervix. the evening primrose you can take orally or apply direct to your cervix (with a little bit of help) they dissolve pretty quickly.

Buy some clary sage essential oil, have a bath with severel drops of these, have some in an oil burner or in a bowl of boiling water (just breathing it in is said to help., and rub some into your belly with a massage oil/baby oil - clary sage is meant to help bring on contractions - also helps to keep them going when in labour. There are quite a few arometherapy oils which are said to be uterine stimulants - peppermint is one as well i think.

Bumperlicioso Sat 02-Jul-11 09:25:53

Evening primrose oil capsule up your fanjo. Worked for me.

skandi1 Sat 02-Jul-11 10:37:48

Thank you all for the excellent suggestions! Am going to give them all a try (not at once obviously).

Interesting that castor oil isn't just an urban myth and does work for many. I think my last resort though.

I have been guzzling raspberry leaf tea for a couple of weeks now and to no avail.

I have just been out to buy some clary sage oil and evening primerose capsules.

I am about to eat my first pineapple and rub in some clary sage oil - wish me luck. I will report back later with effects if any.

Am starting to feel quite down about it all. I have not even had a show or anything so perhaps my chances of getting things going are really nil.

Still pineapples are tasty and clary sage oil in carrier oil will make a nice massage so its not all bad.

Withwoman Sat 02-Jul-11 12:33:35

Normal pregnacy last between 37 and 42 weeks gestation. At 39 weeks you could have 3 more weeks to go before your body is ready to labour. If it is not ready then you what every you do you won't labour. However if it is ready, the having some sex will help.

MummyAbroad Sat 02-Jul-11 13:46:42

I didnt get a show before or during any stage of labour (I suppose it must have come out at some point and I didnt notice it) so I wouldnt worry about that. Good luck xx

skandi1 Sat 02-Jul-11 15:27:11

Well. Have eaten two whole pineapples and doused myself in olive oil laden with clary sage. Nothing yet so we will see.

MummyAbroad, I had a show last time about 5 days before. Who knows, its all different this time anyway.

Withwoman, Yes I am aware that its more or less impossible to kick labour off if you are not more or less ready. However I am trying to avoid a c section next week. And yes I could refuse the c section but it would be against medical advice - both from midwife and consultant so probably wise to listen.

I had another chat to DH just now about trying to put the c section off for another week. He was a bit freaked out and asked me if we had not been at the same appointment yesterday and had I not listened to what was said.

I am aware lots of people who have a traumatic first birth ending in EMCS have to fight hard for a ELCS next time around. However I wanted VBAC and it was actually the EMCS part first time around which was the worst.

I feel like its the wrong thing to do to agree to the ELCS hence I am trying all old wives tales to get labour going if I can while I am still considered to be in a position to deliver this baby.

Any advice on any of the above is much appreciated or any experiences of wanting a VBAC but needing the ELCS instead is also appreciated.

MummyAbroad Sat 02-Jul-11 16:54:03

How about this?

...though I do recommend you pay for a proper reflexology session, even if it doesnt work its so relaxing you wont regret it, and it might be a long time before you get round to treating yourself with something similar again!

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