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Anyone used the Cheltenham Birthing Unit

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lumpytummy Thu 30-Jun-11 21:15:09


I'm just 37 weeks and up until the last month or so was convinced we'd go to the Gloucester birthing unit, even though we live in Cheltenham, because we were worried about something going wrong and wanted to avoid an ambulance journey in the middle of things. BUT after hearing how busy Gloucester is and visiting Cheltenham, I decided to be more positive about it all and have booked in at Chelt.
I'd just like to hear some reviews of people that have actually used this birthing centre since it re-opened in Feb and what they thought was good/bad or anything?
Thank you!

appleblossoms Sat 02-Jul-11 08:45:55

Hi lumpy, I had DS2 at Cheltenham just over two weeks ago and LOVED it.

During pregnancy I was determined to go to Gloucester and use the birthing unit there, as it was simply a case of going 'downstairs' to the labour ward if things got complicated...but like you I heard how busy Gloucester is, and after a tour of Cheltenham decided to give it a go.... and it was fab!

I was only in labour there an hour (very quick labour!) and due to meconium in the waters they were thinking of transfering me, but due to speed of labour decided it was better to keep me there than risk giving birth in the ambulance. I have to say, midwife was very calm and reassuring. She told us what was happening the whole time, and we were very comfortable with her decisions.

After the birth, we got the option of going home after 2 hours (second baby...not sure how long it is for first babies these days) but as it was midnight we decided to stay the night... so they made up the sofa bed for DH and me, and we spent the night there. The midwives left us to it, letting us know they were just outside if we needed them. Even in the morning there was no rush for us to leave, they were happy for us to stay as long as we needed.

Sorry for the essay! But basically, I really recommend it...and would encourage anyone who was tempted to go ahead....although not too many people obviously or it will get too busy for DC3 in a few years wink

Good luck!!

lumpytummy Sun 03-Jul-11 18:48:52

Ah thank you apple, that is great to hear! Can't wait now!

DontCallMeBaby Sun 03-Jul-11 19:04:10

This is my friend's birth story, at Cheltenham. She may have just got lucky, but I get the impression you're more likely to get a waterbirth there these days than when I had DD there seven years ago, as it's less busy.

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