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Birth pool in a box arriving this evening-crash course needed!

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Hormoneoverload Wed 29-Jun-11 15:35:05

Am six days over and have had offer of birth pool in a box. Anxious for fast advice-otherwise might end up staying in its box. Coming with liner, but will we need special hose or anything? Any special tips-apart from having it well in advance of course!

Indith Wed 29-Jun-11 15:41:42

A shower curtain to put under it to protect the floor, a bath temometer so that you can easily keep check of the water temperature. Yes ideally you need a hose to fill it. The ones that come with them are non toxic. Are you getting the hose? If you get the hose too then since it may have also been used to empty the pool fill your bath with milton solution and put the hose in to soak, I take it the liner is unused? If so then with that in the pool should be fine but giving it a good scrub certainly won't do any harm. That is about it though!

nannyl Wed 29-Jun-11 15:57:29

do you have an electric pump with it?

If so it will inflate in about 5 mins (I have practised mine and thats how long it took... me all by myself

then the bottom and second chamber, then the third but only a tiny bit...
put on the liner
then inflate the 3rd chamber all the way.

Unless the hose hasnt been used before you will need to sterilise it first.

I think half an hour in a sterilising solution is fine but read the bottle / tablet box and follow instructions. (perhaps sterilise in the bath, and make sure the solutions is in the whole of the hose)

Best to put a plastic sheet on the floor. (the birth pool in the box one is non slip) but i guess anything will do, especially if you use towels etc on top on the floor as well

Yes a thermometer for checking the temp

and when you come to fill it, make sure you have your boiler set to hot.

also have you got a tap adapter for the hose?

Good Luck smile

I have got a waterproof single mattress terry sheet that i plan to place on my sofa, so if i am wet or bleed etc there is no way it will reach the cream sofa cushions.
I got the sheets from a charity shop for 50p so am happy to bin afterwards if they get gross.

Hormoneoverload Wed 29-Jun-11 16:32:57

Thank you so much! Really appreciate the comprehensive advice. Will see what comes with it and reassess. Unless in labour already by then-which I will see as fate! Last time I asked dh to inflate pool precisely fifteen mins before giving birth-was not a water birth grin

Hormoneoverload Wed 29-Jun-11 18:08:57

Am going to need to sort this out in secret! Dh thinks history will repeat itself and I need his good will at the mo! Can't say I blame him! Might investigate hoses and connectors tomorrow. But happy for labour to start in the mean time!

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