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Waters broken but no real contractions...

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Ljll Wed 29-Jun-11 01:24:49

Had anyone had full show but only very minor contractions? Waters broke slowly about 7 hrs ago and have been sent home to wait for harder contractions? Any thoughts about being induced etc to reduce infection. Thanks!

Primafacie Wed 29-Jun-11 02:40:18

Hi, this happened to me twice. First time I was 38 weeks, was sent home and contractions started within 6 to 8 hours, baby arrived 15 hours after waters breaking. Had contractions not started naturally they would have induced after 72 hours I think. Second time around my waters broke at 33 weeks, I was given steroids to mature the baby's lungs and induced after 48 hours as I still had no contractions and there was blood in my waters. I think if you are at term there is a good chance that your labour will start naturally within 24 hrs so you would not need to be induced. What is your hospital's policy on how long they will wait before they induce you? I think most hospitals will book you to be induced sometime between 48 and 72 hours ( if at term - if not they may try to manage you for longer). You should monitor your temperature every 4 to 6 hours, if you feel unwell or have a fever they should induce right away. Good luck, exciting stuff about to happen!

Ljll Wed 29-Jun-11 02:44:47

Thanks Primafacia, they will induce within 24 hrs and I am 38 3 weeks. Hoping to go naturally as I hear inducing is rather grim?! Was it a drip for you?

Primafacie Wed 29-Jun-11 02:59:38

Yeah I had a drip. The gel did not work first time around and they did not want to waste time trying it again because I was considered an 'emergency' at that stage, but as I undertand it if you are well, they would repeat the gel a couple of times before they start the drip. They allow 6 hours after each dose of the gel to see if it is working so the whole process can take a while. I was told to think in terms of days, not hours. As it happens my baby was born 10 hours after drip started. I had requested the epidural to be sited before the drip was turned on. It was bliss - i slept through labour, woke up fully dilated, pushed for two minutes and the baby was out. No tear, no intervention etc. Ooh getting excited for you now!

VeryHungryKatypillar Wed 29-Jun-11 08:01:05

This happened to me - only they wouldn't let me leave hospital as I was trying for a VBAC. Waters went at 1.30am but didn't get into 'established labour' until 6 pm ish. I had to work at getting labour going within the 24 hour deadline - I kept mobile when I could and then upright as much as possible. When I lay down on the bed the 'tightenings' I felt would slow right down.

DD2 born 22 hrs after waters went!

So start pacing the floor and good luck! Eek!

HettyAmaretti Wed 29-Jun-11 08:05:14

Nipple stimulation and stying up right / bouncing on birthing ball could help get things started. Sperm contains prostaglandins (the hormone used for inductions) dito evening primrose. Both would need to be taken orally with your waters being broken already.

franke Wed 29-Jun-11 08:11:21

This happened to me too. You should be able to negotiate a bit longer than 24 hours before being induced. Hygiene-wise, avoid baths (take showers) and unnecessary internals. By all means try bouncing on a ball and pacing up and down, but please don't wear yourself out - you need all your energy for labour, induced or not. Good luck smile

Ljll Wed 29-Jun-11 12:47:08

Still waiting for contractions to start so I can have this little one!!! It is a balance between trying to get labour started by using the ball etc and not tiring myself out as it will be a big day tomorrow!!

Anyone gone much over 24 hrs with waters fully broken at full term? Any thoughts on risk of infection?

Thanks for all your good lucks etc, any further advice/thoughts appreciated!

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