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C Section number 4

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FullTimeStudentNurseAndMumOf3 Sun 26-Jun-11 22:31:24

Hi. Due to medical reasons I have had to have a C section for all 3 of my DC. A procedure which I have found terrifying each time, despite having a new baby each time. My first was awful and I suffered a huge anxiety attack, went on to have problems with bonding with my DS and was honestly an awful time. Not helped by having to have an op under General the next day which knocked me for 6! 14 months later I had another with our unexpected DD and it was much better. My 3 was awful. DS taken to scbu straight away for breathing difficulties and born with club feet. Having studied nursing since my other 2 I knew what the medical chit chat was about and they had diff containing my bleeding although I didn't need a transfusion thankfully. My question is, whether to have a 4th. I desperately want another child but am interested to hear from anybody who has had 4 C Sections and what their experiences were. Thank you

graciousenid Mon 27-Jun-11 01:24:08

I had my 4th 9 days ago (1 emergency & 3 electives). I've found them all pretty straight forward & easy to recover from tbh, I haven't had any problems breastfeeding etc. My third section was the most painful & took longest to recover from.

We were prepared for this one to take longer/be more complicated but in the end it was completely problem free - consultant said 'Wow that was far easier than I expected!' as she finished up. I was in theatre for less than an hour, including the time it took to do the spinal. Blood loss was minimal (I had a pph after my first section) though I did require two doses of ergometrine on top of the synto to get the uterus to contract down afterwards. 2 nights in hospital, I had a shower the evening of the section. I'm doing everything as normal now (except hoovering), have been out, managing on paracetamol only.

This was our final child but I've been told that from a medical point of view another pregnancy isn't out of the question.

BillyJoel Mon 27-Jun-11 01:34:16

You could try to get your medical notes from your last CS. I have had three,last when I was 39 and the surgeon told me how my womb was doing and whether it was a bit thin or would be good for another. It may still be in your medical notes.

rainbowtoenails Mon 27-Jun-11 05:29:04

Wait a couple of weeks and ask vb.

turbochildren Tue 28-Jun-11 12:27:03

hello, just found your thread as your question is similar to mine.
I never had any problems with the pregnancies or recoveries- only the births...
the first one was an emergency as labour stopped progressing. second was elected, for many different reasons including being terrified of another emergency. Then the third was a section as a matter of course. I'm rather small, and the babies have all been around 7 ibs, and all three full term +.

on the other link someone adviced getting my gp to refer me to see an obstetrician. that's probably the best for you too, if possible even the surgeon who performed the op.
I know every pregnancy and birth is different, but for me it's important to have a good risk assesment, and it sounds that for you that would be very important too.

deo357 Thu 30-Jun-11 16:51:43

hi, i have had 5 sections and i have to say, i have recovered very well & quick from each. No 5 was the worst as i had an "open" drain so they made me stay in bed for 2 days, which made me very stiff. had several transfusions with various sections too, but i always feel they make me feel so much better.

BillyJoel Mon 04-Jul-11 22:39:57

Hats off to you, deo! Can I ask how old you are? Do you plan to have more or are you done? What did the docs say about your womb and another cS?

What a woman!

deo357 Tue 05-Jul-11 13:39:05

well thank you billyjoel. i am 33. no this will be my last as will have hysterectomy @ delivery. I lways got my multiple c sections agreed before getting preg by the obstetrican. (he didnt get me pregnant i meant he gave me the green light!!!!!!) all apart from this one !!! he has retired, and suggested after no 5 no more. but, i did it anyway. so i have ended up with worst case senario, p previa & accreta, so not good, & u may say told u so, but the stats are 8% of peps with 5 prev sections get that & i did, in my book worth the risk. so hence the hysterectomy.!!!

isitmidnightalready Wed 06-Jul-11 23:03:18

good luck Deo - I am sure it will all go well for you.

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