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TMI help! lady bits freaking me out :(

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Rosduk Sun 26-Jun-11 04:43:09

I gave birth 6 weeks ago and had forceps and episiotomy. The cut is all healed and the pain had gone then a week ago my bits started getting sore again but it's not the cut that hurts. I have looked and my vagina is so stretched I can see quite graphically the parts inside and it is freaking me out I havnt slept in days! There is nothing obvious as to why it's sore like infection or bleeding or anything but I had started exercising which could be why? I have an appointment this week but has anyone else had this? I have been doing my pelvic exercises but I am so worried it was NOT like this a week ago!

EDD24may Sun 26-Jun-11 05:19:33

Don't worry. You do need to see you Dr tho so you can be examined.does it feel like a pulling down below? In which case might be due to weak pelvic floor - need to do loads of exercises.10 everytime you feed. If it's shooting pain could be the nerves regrowing in that area...feels wierd when they do.either way your gp needs to have a look to put your mind at rase.

Rosduk Sun 26-Jun-11 09:02:57

Could be described as pulling but also sore like a grazed feeling. I have my 6 week check on Thursday but it is really playing on my mind so I might go earlier!

edwinbear Wed 29-Jun-11 09:31:23

Hi, I had this about 6 weeks after DS. I felt a pulling sensation, a bit like a stitch was caught, (I also had forceps and episiotomy). I unf had developed a prolapse, but, I also had a very obvious feeling that something was hanging out which it doesn't sound like you do. The gyna also told me however that the lack of oestrogen (as I was breastfeeding), had made my vagina atrophic which was causing the soreness. He gave me a course of oestrogen cream which was brilliant. Hope all goes well today.

edwinbear Wed 29-Jun-11 09:31:57

Today? I mean, tomorrow at your check up, I have my days confused...

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