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Royal London Vs Lewisham Hospital

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Pinkgrapefruit Mon 20-Jun-11 18:33:01

hi everyone,
I have the choice of the Royal London or Lewisham hospitals, and I'm wondering which would be best. Does anyone have any views? I'm currently in Tower Hamlets, but moving to the Lewisham area shortly. Due very soon. Royal is still relatively easy to get to, so it's just a case of which is better.
I've heard bad reports about the post natal care in both. But does the Royal being a teaching hospital make it a better bet?

Muser Mon 20-Jun-11 20:40:01

Lewisham is also a teaching hospital. Although possibly not for maternity. I have no idea how it works.

I had my baby at Lewisham 4 months ago. What sort of birth do you want? Lewisham has a new midwife led birthing centre that is amazing. Looks like a hotel. Massive birthing pools, big double beds, lovely midwives. If that kind of thing appeals to you I'd go to Lewisham.

I didn't get to use the birth centre in the end, but my experience of the main hospital was fine. I had a great midwife who was there for the whole birth. Care during the birth was great. If you have to stay in the maternity ward isn't great. But I'm not sure that's uncommon. Having said that, I had problems breastfeeding after discharge and the community midwives couldn't get to me that day to help. The specialist midwife at the hospital offered to see me instead, despite not being under her care anymore. She spent 2 hours with me helping to sort out my problems. She basically saved breastfeeding for me and for that I would give Lewisham top marks.

Pinkgrapefruit Mon 20-Jun-11 21:06:23

Thanks Muser, that's really good to know. I have to go to the hospital unfortunately as I need antibiotics in labour - the birth centre looks fabulous! sad

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