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Homebirth, pool, second baby need some advice!

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ninipops Mon 20-Jun-11 11:03:57

OK so trying to get organised with the above (the homebirth and pool bit - the baby is pretty much cooked!). Was induced with DD @ 38 wks due to high BP but the induction worked really quickly so I think I prob wasn't far off going naturally. My labour was 9hrs and only 40min pushing. So as regards the pool I am just wondering what peoples experiences are with birth pools and second babies oh and immersion tanks.

Any recommendations/opinions on heated versus not heated, buying v renting, time taken to fill etc.

Any and all comments welcomed!

Secondtimelucky Mon 20-Jun-11 11:09:29

I had a home water birth two weeks ago with DD2. I hired my inflatable pool from my lovely doula.

I found an inflatable one great. It's pretty quick to go up, and it meant when I went 9 days overdue it wasn't taking up space in our little house. Takes ages to fill, but that's because it's like running four baths, through a hosepipe. They retain the heat pretty well once full, apparently. I didn't get a chance to test this theory as getting in the water seemed to move things on massively. Half an hour in the pool and she was out!

ThePieSmuggler Mon 20-Jun-11 11:11:23

We've just bought and had a trial run with an Aquaborn pool, thus is our first baby so I can't give you any actual info about it's use (although due date today so hopefully I'll have first hand experience soon!) but is was easy to inflate, took about 15-20 minutes. We bought the whole kit with 2 pumps one to inflate and one to empty water out with, it comes with two liners. So far I'm pleased with it, just want to try it put for real now smile

NightLark Mon 20-Jun-11 11:18:37

OK, I bought an inflatable pool ('Made in Water') 2nd hand for DD's (DC2's) birth, am (hopefully) about to use it again for DC3's birth.

It takes a load of water. Think of the size of your immersion tank - pool is far, far bigger. And it has to be filled up DEEP, especially if you want to birth in it rather than just labour in it. The inflatable one did retain heat well - I was in there for about 2+ hours, and it didn't get cold.

I was told I could get in at 4-5 cm dilated but not before as the warmth would slow down early labour. Taking off the TENS machine to get into the pool was a moment I haven't forgotten. TENS works. Taking it off let the pain in!

But... the pool was wonderful for pain relief for me - I birthed DD without any drugs. For DS's birth I'd had the whole intervention works.

The pool was great for a feeling of privacy and security too. In fact, that's my main reason for wanting to waterbirth again, I felt so snug and safe and private in the warm water... But then, my birth plan essentially reads 'bog off and leave me alone as far as possible'.

Oh and for length of labour: DC1 24 hours, DC2 10 hours - I think there is a general 'halve it' rule for second labours so I guess 4 hours or so for you?

Secondtimelucky Mon 20-Jun-11 11:48:22

DD1 - about 32 hours of what I would call labour (14 if you go by my notes, which only count it from when they broke my waters, but that's a whole other story...). DD2 - about 10 hours by my reckoning (35 mins if you go by my notes!), so halving it doesn't work for me!

We have a combi boiler, so didn't need to worry about running out of hot water, but do factor that in if you have a conventional boiler, as NightLark says!

msbuggywinkle Mon 20-Jun-11 15:49:33

I'm planning a 2nd waterbirth for our DC3, DD2's birth was great, thanks mainly to the pool. We had an inflatable 'Birth pool in a box'.

Can't comment on how easy it was to fill etc as that was DP's job but he didn't seem to find it a hassle. I was in there for about 3 hours and it stayed warm.

7hrs labour with DD1, 4 hours with DD2; half ish I guess! The only thing I'll do differently this time is to get DP in the water with me, being a shortarse I got out to push DD2 out as I couldn't get a proper grip on DP to squat over the side of the pool!

vicloumic Tue 21-Jun-11 13:02:36

Hi Ladies,

Firstly congrats to all.... I have been a birth Doula for quite a few years now and have seen lots of waterbirths / home births and from my experience renting one often works out best and likewise having a heated one as it maintains the correct temp throughout, which can be important because if you actually deliver in the water it obvoiusly shouldn't be too warm for baby and also shouldn't be colder than body temp because you dont want baby to take its first breath underwater. I am a mum to four beautiful girls and all four of my labours have been in hospital and i am now in the early stages of pregnancy number 5 and have loved the waterbirths that i have been privileged to be a part of so much, that i am seriously considering a waterbirth myself this time round. If you would like any friendly info or advice please feel free to get in touch if you woulk like.

Congrats again and good luck all.x.x.x

ninipops Tue 21-Jun-11 19:31:57

Thanks all I guess I'll just have to weigh up the options and have a chat with DH about it all. I'm really liking the idea of a 4 hr labour though!

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