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Transverse at 36 weeks plus

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Elle11 Sun 19-Jun-11 22:25:10

Hi this is my first post on here! Anyways at my last check up (36 weeks) baby was transverse, but in the last couple of days it's moved head down. I'm 37 weeks tomorrow and going for a check up on tuesday, what are the chances of baby staying head down now and not flipping back to transverse position? anyone got any experience of this? they're threatening c section if babes doesn't stay head down...

buttonmoon78 Mon 20-Jun-11 09:27:33

DC2 was transverse. Was scanned at 36wks and confirmed, booked at 38wks for section as it's obviously not coming out sideways! Went in at 37+6 for checks and further scan. It had turned during the previous night and was head down ready for action. smile

She stayed that way and was born at 39+4.

It can happen but I believe it's quite rare.

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