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Ate a whole pineapple last night and....

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VeryHungryKatypillar Sun 19-Jun-11 06:39:06

my waters went at 1.30 this morning!

DH very disappointed as he wanted to deliver some prostaglandin today...

Not in labour yet I don't think - have some crampy pains, sometimes strong, sometimes not which keep appearing and disappearing...

NB - did not eat pineapple whole, twas chunked obv.

HumphreyCobbler Sun 19-Jun-11 06:49:10

goodness, how exciting
it will be kicking off soon
good luck

BeeMyBaby Sun 19-Jun-11 07:47:51

your poor DH, he will have to wait for weeks and weeks now :P plus he doesn't get to be your knight in shining armour, the pineapple gets that honour...

nannyl Sun 19-Jun-11 09:53:20

good luck

(and i love your comment on how you didnt eat it whole, and cut it into chunks.... just to clarify you didnt eat it whole wink lol grin

keep us posted!

VeryHungryKatypillar Mon 20-Jun-11 17:42:37

Just back from hospital! VBAC succesfully completed thanks to brill midwives who were very encouraging, not a doctor in sight. Phew! And I credit rasberry leaf tea with getting DD2 out in three contractions, only 13 mins ish.

nannyl Mon 20-Jun-11 18:22:12


congratulations and well done smile

at what point in pregnancy did you start on your raspberry leaf tea?

VeryHungryKatypillar Mon 20-Jun-11 18:25:33

Thanks!! Started the rasberry leaf tea at about 37 weeks and probably only had 3 or so cups a day. But each time I had a cup it gave me loads more BH contractions so I reckon it definitely helped...

HumphreyCobbler Mon 20-Jun-11 18:41:24


BeeMyBaby Tue 21-Jun-11 07:03:44


buttonmoon78 Tue 21-Jun-11 07:54:48

Started the thread expecting a long haul and it's over shock


Am v envy though - still 5+weeks to go for me [sweaty, tired, fat person emoticon]

VeryHungryKatypillar Tue 21-Jun-11 08:36:11

Thanks All! Yeah, sorry buttonmoon - if only I had a clever phone and the new talk app, this could have been a very long thread! If it helps, I am also tired and fat, just no longer have a baby bump as an excuse!!!

buttonmoon78 Tue 21-Jun-11 09:24:04

But I bet you aren't as hot as me!? And no one expects you to look like Jemima Khan at 2 days post baby!

I keep getting asked if I'm having twins! blush

How are you doing? Is your eldest dd excited?

EggyAllenPoe Tue 21-Jun-11 09:27:59


that sounds lovely - (although i like pineapple with creme fraiche..yumy.)

ipredicttrouble Tue 21-Jun-11 20:29:49

Congratulations! I'm 39+5 and fed up already so I may have to go and buy a pineapple tomorrow!

How far along were you when your waters went?

CroissantNeuf Tue 21-Jun-11 20:35:08

I clicked on this expecting it to say ".....and all thats happened is I've done a huge poo". grin

Congratulations (on the baby that is, not the poo wink)

VeryHungryKatypillar Wed 22-Jun-11 08:55:53

Thanks for the congrats everyone!

Button - didn't have much of a figure to recover, so no pressure there for me! Elder DD is being very good, keeps referring to 'my baby' and 'my Bethan' - is being a little challenging on the behaviour front and testing boundaries. But she is a great helper at 3 yo.
And I'm doing good - only a tiny tear and graze so not uncomfortable really, compared with late pregnancy it's a breeze! SPD still with me though but is better, must get round to doing those exercises!! Milk now in so feeling a bit busty to say the least...

Ipredicttrouble - waters went at 39 weeks (1.30 in morning of Sunday) and she was born at 11.18pm that day, had a show at 38+1 (greeny mucousy thing followed by more clear jelly stuff).

Hope you are all as comfortable as you can be at the moment...

babyonbord Mon 27-Jun-11 16:42:05

I want mine it's too hot to be pregnant i want to wear my bikini and hot pants grrr i've tried curry sexy pinapple cod liver oil (recommended by mil) which i wonder if that might have worked as seem to be getting very mild contractions today hmmmm everybody cross fingers and toes lol

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