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East Kent Maternity Services Review - have your say!

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tinysock Sat 18-Jun-11 11:22:29

Hi folks, just found out about this from NCT, there's a questionnaire here

and details of their roadshow. Open to anybody who's given birth in last 18 months in East Kent and wants to share their experience of childbirth in East Kent or comment on Canterbury/Dover Birthing Units. I'm surprised not to have seen this advertised anywhere and have some things I'd love to share, thought some mamas may feel the same :hug:

tinysock Sat 18-Jun-11 13:48:24

The questions are getting quite scary now...

3.1 Did you receive a visit from a midwife on your first day home?
3.2 If this was changed to a postnatal clinic in a GP practice or children's centre, would this work for you?

3.3 Is a home visit more important on day one for first time mums, or those who have had difficult births, should they be prioritised for a home visit?

3.4 If follow up appointments and the baby heel prick tests were held on the fith day at a postnatal clinic, GP practice or children's centre (rather than at home) would this work for you?

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