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My experience of Footling Breech

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beckynbump Wed 15-Jun-11 19:01:32

At 37 weeks, found I had a footling breech, very uncommon it seems and first consultant said ELCS at 38 weeks was only option and made me book appt and sign forms. Turning baby was not an option, neither was natural birth. V Upset I request a second appt with another consultant, the one who would turn baby if possible just to make sure and give me chance to come to terms with the situation.
Saw second consultant last week who had one feel and said yes he would try turning baby, made me aware of slight risk of going into labour and allayed any fears about wrapped cords etc. Gave me lots of confidence. Following morning he succesfully and v easily turned my little babe and 5 days later, babe is still head down. Fingers crossed it stays like that and I can have the birth I want.

The midwives said today that the first consultant is v cautious and they would always send anyone wanting a ELCS to him, the second is far more open to looking at every alternative. Just wanted others in the same situation to know that it is worth fighting for what you want and getting that second opinion, even if it does not work.

NationalTruss Wed 15-Jun-11 22:39:29

Interesting. My sister was footling breach (back in the 1970s) but they didn't realise until my mum was in labour. They were both fine.

Glad your situation has resolved itself.

buttonmoon78 Thu 16-Jun-11 08:07:31

I am currently pg with my second footling breech (have always enjoyed being a bit of a rarity grin). I too had ecv last time which worked and ds was delievered after induction (for other reasons) a week later at 38wks.

This time I have no intention of going through ecv. I had spd last time (as I do this time) and required morphine to get through it. I was adamant that I wanted a natural delivery so wouldn't even consider an elcs even though the consultant was asking me to agree to him stopping as he could see how much pain I was in.

I wish I had agreed actually as ds was back to back and it hurt like hell!

Becky I'm glad you're getting closer to the birth you want. Just one word of advice - did the consultant tell you about the link between ecv and malpositioning? If I were you I'd make sure you're on your knees scrubbing your kitchen floor to make sure baby doesn't turn back to back!

Good luck - make sure you come back and tell us how it went!

gillykins2011 Thu 16-Jun-11 12:14:58

Hi there all

Had a similar experience - have had 2 breech babies. Second who is still not here yet has been a bit miore tricky than her brother - we have had growth issues and fluid levels are way below normal which is one of the key factors in determining ecv success. Generally, the guideline is a level of 10 and mine was 6. We had varied opinions but decided to try an ecv with the same doctor as last time who is really experienced in doing them and it worked. It was way way less painful than last time where I kept fainting with the pain and was complete in 10 mins.

My advice is ask around and really grill the medical staff on their experience of doing ECvs with people in similar situations to you as I had one kamikaze consultant advising me to go for an ecv and when questioned it turned out she had bit done an ecv on her own nor even with anyone else in the last 12 months!!!!

Button moon, on the post position of your baby did the hospital monitor you? I am not back to back but feels like she is definitely not straight as getting shooting pains in my groin that cause me to yelp. I am trying to get an appointment with a reflexologist to get the lil lady into the right swallow dive position.

buttonmoon78 Thu 16-Jun-11 12:54:09

No. The ecv was done with full monitoring (obv). He had spent so long head up that I didn't twig he wasn't in the optimal position for induction. He was my third so once labour got going, the MWs left me to my own devices re monitoring. It was only when I began to try to push they examined me and realised that having gone in that morning and been 2-3cm then (so they started me off by arm), after 3-4hours (at about 6pm) of 'meaningful' contractions I was still only about 3.5cm dilated!

It was then they said he was back to back and I needed to move to get him into a better position. The problem was, the pain of him being on my back coupled with my spd meant I couldn't move at all, not even with help.

He was finally born, still on his back, with his arm raised up by his head, at 11.35pm. I asked at 6pm for an epidural and kept getting told I was next but it never came. At 10.30pm they said it was too late so I had a tantrum!

Finally a MW came in at 11pm and informed me that there was no way in this world she was letting this baby be born the other side of midnight. I could've kissed her! (If only I'd been able to move!)

I have less than no intention of going through another labour like that. And as they can't guarantee my baby not being back to back after ecv this time I won't be having it done. That's in addition to the fact that I found the ecv more painful than any of my labours. Shorter but more painful.

buttonmoon78 Thu 16-Jun-11 12:55:19

And if I won't have it done then I will be counselled to have a section. Esp if it remains footling!

mummytime Thu 16-Jun-11 13:10:57

I had an elcs for my footling. Much better to recover from than an emergency one, and I went on to have two normal deliveries afterwards.
We did try to encourage him to turn, but he was well and truly stuck.

You do need to think about why you are so desperate not to have an ELCS; there are no medals for not having one. We are so fortunate that this procedure is possible and so its another reason for mothers not to die in childbirth in the UK.

missnevermind Thu 16-Jun-11 13:12:41

I had a positioning and growth scan yesterday. This baby is footling breech and well over the 90th centile.
I am 36 weeks today and will see the consultant again on Wednesday. Also have severe SPD and am already not looking forward to the birth.
Last baby DS3 was an active transverse lie from about 30 weeks, would turn round and round but would always stop side to side, left or right and I was hospitalised towards the end as they did not want me to go into labour. Little bugger turned to head down while I was lying on the table for the ECV! The was born naturally a week later.

This time they think baby is too big to turn, so I an waiting for a decision from the consultant next week.

buttonmoon78 Thu 16-Jun-11 13:14:15

mummytime you last point is something I wish someone had said to me last time.

I was desperate to avoid a section (recovery time, failing, bf all crossed my mind). I ended up with a nasty labour and bringing on a previously unknown back problem (would've come to light at some point but not then).

This time I'm well up for a section!

girlfromdownsouth Thu 16-Jun-11 14:03:17

waves at buttonmoon
36wks today - Had positioning scan (all of 15 secs) which confirmed baby was breech, but didn't tell me what kind of breech. I knew as all baby's hiccups are up at the top and getting those lovely shooting groin pains too!

Booked in for ECV at 38wks. DC2 was picked up as breech at 38wks for the first time and was successfully turned round, born naturally at home within 48hrs.

If not successful this time, elc at 39wks. Hopefully all will go according to plan as home birth booked. Going to see top pg osteo in our area next week to see what she can do. Will also book appointment to see my shiatsu practitioner (who attended both my other home births and was my sole pain relief with DD who was 12hrs b2b labour!!)

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