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Period type pain

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prolificwillybreeder Mon 13-Jun-11 15:14:38

Just need some reassurance really.
Woke up and just felt odd and bit emotional- this probably is irrelevant.
Stood up earlier and whole bump felt weird I can't describe it but it took my breath away a bit.
Think I've been getting BH's.
I have period/ovary pain left side but not right.
It hurts but not enough for a fuss or for me to take the labour bag and run.

Any advice? Maybe I pulled something? But there is an odd place. Sorry this isnt even my first. Doesn't stop the worrying though!

BertieBotts Mon 13-Jun-11 15:16:17

It does sound like Braxton Hicks, possibly the start of something, but even if it is it sounds very early on. How many weeks are you?

prolificwillybreeder Mon 13-Jun-11 15:23:16

Oh should of added 35 weeks. Think you're right though. I'll wait it out and see. I'm not in major pain just the same annoying pain you get at ovulation or periods. Only one side though. He is on my left side though.
Thanks for the quick response. I'm trying to distract myself with DS.

BertieBotts Mon 13-Jun-11 15:38:14

Maybe he's kicking you right on a nerve or something? DS used to do that!

prolificwillybreeder Mon 13-Jun-11 15:38:33

Ok getting them both sides now not strong or frequent.
Also pains down there.
Not panicked so trusting my instincts. Am keeping an eye on it.
Sound wise?

prolificwillybreeder Mon 13-Jun-11 15:39:51

That's true didn't think of that Bertiebotts. Feels definite cranky like though.

BertieBotts Mon 13-Jun-11 15:48:23

Yes, I'd just keep an eye on it. You can always phone midwife if you are worried, remember smile

BertieBotts Mon 13-Jun-11 15:49:58

I have only had one DS though and was a really long labour. If you have quick labours then I'd probably ring MW just in case. But it sounds as though things haven't moved that quickly over the past half hour or so. It might just be growing pains crossed with BH.

prolificwillybreeder Mon 13-Jun-11 16:22:14

I had a really long labour too- 4 days!
I never had BH though and tbh I don't really remember how I felt.
Seems to have died down now. So probably BH I imagine.
Will call mw if it starts up again

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