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Is it too late to organise a homebirth?

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MissLolita Mon 13-Jun-11 11:55:10

Hello everyone, I'm after some advice and experiences. I am currently 36+3 in my first pregnancy and I am currently due to go to my local hospital for the birth. I've had a completely normal, fuss-free pregnancy and with it being pg #1 I have just gone with the flow all the way though and sort of blindly accepted things; However, I've recently been thinking that actually I would really like a home birth but I don't know if I've left it too late to arrange it?

No one has ever discussed anything other than a hospital birth with me and actually I have no recollection of even discussing a hospital birth with my midwife, I guess she just assumed that’s what I would want/have and I didn't know any better.

Does anyone have any experience of changing their minds at this late stage?

I now don't have a midwife appointment until 22nd (when I'll be 37+6) so I guess if I am going to try and do something I need to do it PDQ. Next question: who should I call?

It's not going to be a make or break thing for me (as in I wont be devastated if I get a flat 'no') and if anything I'm cross with myself for leaving it this late but I would appreciate any thoughts or experiences you lovely ladies may have.

PrinceHumperdink Mon 13-Jun-11 12:05:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Joannezipan Mon 13-Jun-11 12:20:18

I'm having a HB. I had to tell my midwife by my 36 week appointment so I could arrange a presentation scan. But it might be that if they haven't discussed it with you before then you have a better case for doing it a bit late. I would call your MW and ask her to come and see you at home (which they like to do anyway to talk about where you will give birth and what you need to provide) to discuss it. My MW is bringing the oxygen and G&A with her on the day so if yours works like that you shouldn't have a problem from that point of view.

carlyvita Mon 13-Jun-11 12:22:39

Never too late! But deal with it before next appointment I reckon.

If you don't have a contact number for the community midwife team, call your GP/Maternity Unit and ask who you should be speaking to in order to arrange care for a homebirth.

Also, delivery for birthing pools/balls can also be arranged pretty sharpish so get internet researching if you think you may like them.

As above post says, they have a duty of care towards you, whatever you decide on the day anyway!

MissLolita Mon 13-Jun-11 13:05:10

Thank you! I've just called my GP surgery who have given me the number of the midwifery liaison team (who are out to lunch apparently!) so the ball is rolling! Thank you for the advice!

nannyl Mon 13-Jun-11 14:03:11

call your midwife asap

I am planning a home birth but they wont decide my risk until 34 / 36 weeks anyway... then stuff is delivered at 37 weeks ready.
(regardless of their assessment of risk, you can still insist on a homebirth, its up to you)

I doubt you are too late yet.... as if you lived here and were iunder my midwife they may have only decided 4 days ago!

Backinthebox Mon 13-Jun-11 14:35:45

It's never too late - I planned a homebirth after I had been in labour for 2 hours, and about an hour before baby was born! It would be better to make sure you get a little bit more notice than that though, to give you chance to get the kit into the house.

susiesheep2 Mon 13-Jun-11 15:49:37

The only thing they do before hand is drop off a bag of stuff they might need from about 37 weeks, so there is nothing really to organise, other than making sure you have everything to hand you need and some old sheets and even older towels & of course some super snuggly soft ones smile

The only thing you need is the number to the community midwives. You are only "allowed" them between 37 & 41 weeks where I live (it used to be 37 - 42) but I dont think they can actually refuse if you go a little over and all it well. I was 42 weeks, with my 1st HB and it was super duper smile 5 hours, and a 10/10 apgar baby - good luck xx

Hormoneoverload Mon 13-Jun-11 18:32:00

We only made up our minds at thirty six weeks. We had no special equipment, used a big groundsheet to cover carpet, but weren't asked to do that, and had a pile of old towels on hand. Ds born on sofa. Lovely. I had lots of gas and air and it doesn't hurt to make it clear if you think you would like some. My midwife brought whatever things were needed with her, in some areas they leave a pack with you for a planned homebirth but not here. Best to talk to midwife and make an extra appointment if you need to.

iskra Mon 13-Jun-11 18:35:32

Friend just changed to homebirth at 39 weeks!

PerpetualProvocateur Tue 14-Jun-11 09:46:32

The procedures are different everywhere. Here, they do a home visit around 37 weeks, but they don't bring any kit until they actually come out for the birth, and presentation scans aren't standard, so in theory you could organise everything quite late. I would definitely call the MW and talk through your options. You will need to start gathering the things you want/need ASAP, as birth pools, TENS machines, etc can take a bit of time to get delivered. Good luck!

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