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Going into Labour Before ELCS

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Oopsie Sun 12-Jun-11 19:01:48

Sorry to ask a stupid question but what happens if you're booked for an elective section but go into labour beforehand?

fruitybread Sun 12-Jun-11 19:13:01

I asked this very question (and as it turned out, my waters went 10 days before my ECLS date, so I'm glad I did) -

They simply do it earlier, provided you are full term and all is well otherwise. My MW said the key thing is to go in as SOON as you think you might be in labour, which is the opposite advice given to women aiming for a VB, who are told to stay at home to start with. That's in case of the (very small) chance that labour progresses super fast, and it gets too late to do a CS.

You will be assessed as to how soon they need to get you into theatre, and you just go in as soon as they get a free slot. My waters went at about 8pm at night - I went in to be assessed at about 10pm, and the monitor showed I was contracting but I couldn't feel it. They gave me the option of staying overnight and or going home and coming in at 8 the following morning. I did the latter, to get a night in my own bed. I went in at 8 am, and was eventually in theatre at around 4 pm, I think. It would have been sooner but theatre was busy with EMCS's and instrumental deliveries, which rightly had priority.

It depends a bit on your situation - if you really want your CS or it is medically vital, do the above. If you are able and want to go for a VB, then you can go for that.

trixie123 Sun 12-Jun-11 21:31:28

was booked for an ELCS with DC2 but waters broke 4 days early. Laboured on the ward for about a day and a half but when dilation didn't progress and trace showed baby getting distressed they whipped her out via EMCS. All depends on the reasons for the CS and your specific circumstances.

Oopsie Mon 13-Jun-11 19:19:25

Thanks. I'm glad I asked!

PrincessScrumpy Mon 13-Jun-11 20:23:24

I asked my consultant last week as I was concerned that dd came naturally in 2hours and 5 minutes but mws didn't believe I was fully in labour until 25 minutes before dd was born and in my arms. He laughed and said get in quick and it'll be an emergency one. I also asked my mw about the fact the mws didn't believe me first time - they told me to be very firm and take no nonsense. My Elcs is at 37w but I have a 55% chance of prem labour as it's ID twins. Good luck - sure it'll be fine. I presume that by planning for a prem birth they'll actually go full term (well to 37w anyway!) grin

nunnie Mon 13-Jun-11 21:22:15

I asked this as my DD was born in 2 hours 5 minutes and I arrived pushing with my DS (born by EMCS in the end due to being brow and in distress), I was told, if I went into labour naturally and it progressed that quickly I might not allow enough time for a section, and there might not be a theatre available quick enough.

Also DS was 4 weeks early, and they would be reluctant to do section at that stage unless medically necessary.

It does depend on reason for ELCS I think, as mine would only have been due to having a previous EMCS and also birthing naturally prior to that, I should in theory be ok for a VBAC.
However now my scan has indicated possible previa and accreta to be confirmed at 34 weeks, I am not sure what the advice will be if this is found to be an issue.

PeppaPigandGeorge Tue 14-Jun-11 20:47:51

Can I add to make sure you discuss your choice for CS in the event of premature labour with the consultant and record it in your notes? I was booked for ELCS but had an abruption pre-term which was at first thought to be labour. The hospital tried to convince me to VBAC when I was adamant I wanted CS. They would not accept I had made an informed decision as I had not specifically discussed it with them in clinic and read some damned leaflet or other.

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