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Why am I not going into labour?

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BarbieLovesKen Sat 11-Jun-11 22:44:15

I don't understand. I know due dates are estimated and these things don't happen when planned but I'm 14 days "overdue" now and I'm beginning to worry - is there something wrong? I've had a show (9 days ago), have had irregular contractions etc but am definitely not in labour.

What starts labour off? Is it my body or a hormonal response from the baby? Now im beginning to worry about baby. (she's moving loads though and I attend regular check ups)

Is there something wrong? This Is number 3 - was induced at 40+ 11 with dd and went into spontaneous labour with ds at 40+2. I've sn appointment to be induced on Tuesday (40+17) and honestly don't think anything is going to happen naturally beforehand..

darleneoconnor Sat 11-Jun-11 22:47:17

It's maybe the stress, that can halt things.

ShowOfHands Sat 11-Jun-11 22:51:27

The EDD is, pardon my French, a crock of shit.

The average gestation period is 37-42 weeks. Some people will give birth before this, some after, tis the law of averages. You just happen to be at one end of the spectrum.

They don't actually know how labour starts in reality (beyond knowing it's something peculiar to each woman/pregnancy and you can't influence/control it short of medical intervention), but it's presumed that there is some kind of hormonal/chemical interaction between the baby and the mother when the baby is ready to be born.

I know it's worrying for you but if you're being well monitored and you're happy with movements and feel as well as can be expected, then you're almost there. Promise.

fruitshootsandheaves Sat 11-Jun-11 22:56:30

I was 15,14 and 13 days over with 3 of my DC's but I was a 35 day cycle and therefore ovulated and conceived later than the average 28 day cycle which is what is used to calculate your due date.
Therefore I wasn't really as late as everyone thought. Which is why I wasn't pushed to be induced after DC1 when I argued my case!
Maybe this is the case with you too. But he/she still has time to arrive before Tuesday, try a chicken tikka 3rd labour started about 10 minutes after eating one! grin

frida75 Sun 12-Jun-11 14:37:29

I am SO with you on this one barbie!

I'm 40 +10 and beginning to not believe I'm actually pregnant. Just had a midwife visit as I mistakenly thought my waters were trickling (just wee!) and she said third babies are notoriously stubborn. My first 2 dc's were 5 and 4 days over so I thought I'd be over due but this takes the biscuit! I had a show 4 weeks ago!!! and have been having rubbishy sporadic contractions for 2 weeks. Last night I was up for 4 hours as I was having contrax every 5 mins, lasting 1 min but they were so feeble that I only knew I was having them by touching my bump.

I'm supposed to be induced on tues but desperately want to avoid it because I want a home birth.

Good luck barbie hope something starts happening for you smile

frida75 Sun 12-Jun-11 14:53:42

Just found this on T'interweb...

Several theories exist as to why labor begins:

The physical aging of the placenta may cause insufficient nutrients to reach the fetus.

The uterus reaches a crucial point of distension, which may cause tension on muscle fibers and stimulate their activity.

Nerve impulses from the uterus to the posterior pituitary gland may bring about release of oxytocin (a hormone which causes the uterus to contract).
Decrease in the level of the hormone pregesterone, may cause uterine changes.

Adrenal glands of the fetus, when mature, may release a substance to stimulate labor.

The release of prostaglandin from the wall of the uterus may initiate labor.

Which is all very interesting but doesn't really help! Ho Hum...

cowboylover Sun 12-Jun-11 18:06:39

Sorry diesnt help you but I would love to know before even thinking about it again! I cam to the conclusion that I am an incubator type not actually made to give birth because even with an induction and the drip turned up as much as the consultant was comforable with I still didnt have any consistant contractions and my waters had already gone.

I hope all goes well for you waiting, I know its a cliche but it will be worth it smile

barelyawake Tue 14-Jun-11 20:21:28

Did some investigating and she had her baby Monday. So looks like it happened before induction after all. smile

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