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Homebirth after a c-section

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hollyw Thu 09-Jun-11 16:55:51

Has anyone on hear had a homebirth after a c-section. (Had a s-section for DS1 and have since had a vbac with ventouse and a 'regular' vbac).

I'd really like to consider trying a homebirth but am wondering how much of a fight I might have to put up to get one?


hollyw Thu 09-Jun-11 16:57:23

'here' not 'hear' blush

nannyl Thu 09-Jun-11 17:16:07

one of my friends has.

she had a CS with the 1st a severe PP heamorage with number 2.

Her home birth number 3 was her best birth. A text book amazing birth, according to her, (she hadnt realised she was in labour until baby was crowning shock) and her independant midwife (understandably) didnt make it in time, so she had 20 mins with her baby and her hubby before midwife arrived.

She DID have an IM but that was because of the attitudes if the NHS midwives, and i know she highly highly recommends it, and despite being "stupidly high" (according to NHS) risk, she had no difficulty finding a supportive IM at all.

chocolatecrispies Thu 09-Jun-11 19:46:36

I had one on Tuesday! First birth emcs following every intervention in the book. I felt that had I been at home it might have gone v differently. However also did not want to fight throughout my pregnancy or indeed labour so paid for independent midwives - expensive but fantastic. they did not see the vbac factor as a problem as many of their women are vbac. As it turned out we had shoulder dystocia complicating things instead but they also dealt with that calmly and it all turned out well. I am sure if we'd gone to hospital I would have had another emcs. The factor that really swayed me towards ind midwives was the continuity of care which apparently brings down the level of intervention required. But home vbac is possible on the nhs too. No one can be made to go to hospital.

carlyvita Thu 09-Jun-11 21:14:50

I'm having one any day/week now!

But to get the support and care I needed we did take on the services of an IM too. Amazing care. Costly. But don't begrudge them a penny! They didn't even panic when it looked like we were having a breech HBAC!

Not sure what NHS would think about HBAC and quite frankly wasn't prepared to find out. Of course, they can't technically make you do anything you're not happy with.... Depends on you and your partner's "strop rating" I suspect!

Good luck!

mouseanon Thu 09-Jun-11 21:19:12

My MW actually suggested, 1st was emcs second was very fast vbac and I have concerns about getting to hospital on time. I mentioned it to my consultant and he couldn't say no quickly enough!

Personally I don't want a HB anyway but I'm guessing my MW would support me if I did go for it.

MovingAndScared Fri 10-Jun-11 09:55:38

one of my friend has for her DC3 - same as you EMCS then VBAC - midwife was very supportive, pretty supportive of HB in general in the area anyway - consultant - not so much - but didn't put up to many barriers -so talk to the midwife first

sheenlane Fri 10-Jun-11 11:22:17

Hi, I've booked for a homebirth VBAC on the NHS with Kingston Maternity - due early Autumn. The Supervisor of Midwives we met with was "good cop" but we also saw the "bad cop" registrar who warned about uterine rupture (the consultant was off ill).

She is writing up a care plan for us to amend/agree. She did concede that in the short time she's been at Kingston, there has not been a homebirth VBAC.

I was pretty determined and expected a struggle to get what I want on the NHS. However, if VBAC mums aren't vocal about their birth choices, the NHS could assume there isn't a demand for homebirth VBAC.

Feel free to PM me if you want to know more, but my short advice is to read loads, join your local homebirth group and write directly to the Supervisor of Midwives.

Best of luck to both of us!

emsies Fri 10-Jun-11 17:26:36

I'm under Poole Hospital and my midwife is supportive of a HBAC. She has said I will need to see the supervisor of midwives and I also have a consultant appointment booked (I suspect they will be the "bad cop". It's a bit predictable isn't it?)

I haven't had any struggle at all with my midwife as all my other factors are low risk. Now and then I do get nervous about the scar risk though. I'm hoping not to be frightened nearer the time as I think that so doesn't help. I'm only 15mins away from the hospital.

What irritates me is all the differing points of information. IMs do VBACs a lot, my midwife is supportive, yet consultants usually say "too risky".

I would love an IM but we are low-income at the moment (well educated and broke is not a good mix). However I have found a trainee doula locally who will give us reduced rates.

Good luck everyone. I'm hoping for lots of positive vibes here to keep me on track!

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