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Going to tackle VBAC birth plan and have a question.

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nunnie Thu 09-Jun-11 09:33:32

Never done a birth plan before because with previous two I didn't have any strong feelings either way, and DD was reasonably straightforward so wasn't expecting anything different with DS blush

Anyway enough waffle.

Can or is it worth requesting no instrumental intervention, if there is a problem would prefer to go straight to CS? Or are they unlikely to pay any attention to this sort of request?

I have a real fear of forceps and it is probably irrational but I really want to avoid this kind of delivery at all costs if possible, I am aware that there are situations where it is unavoidable and I won't argue in those circumstances, I just don't want them to do this sort of delivery because of protocol and time limits without there being and obvious medical reason at the time. I intend to request no intervention at all unless medically necessary at the time, but would prefer CS rather than forceps.

blush what else do people write on their plans?

flimflammery Thu 09-Jun-11 09:44:52

Hi Nunnie. I can't answer your question as I think it might depend on where the birth is planned for and the attitude of those individual midwives and doctors. But, I had a very successful VBAC (at home) and was helped greatly by this email group which has people on it with lots of experience of exactly this issue.
What I put on my plan was no intervention (in more detail obviously) 'unless medically necessary' and briefly described my previous traumatic birth so that they knew what I would be worrying about. will have suggestions about birth plans too, I think.
Good luck!

nunnie Thu 09-Jun-11 09:51:02

I have to have a hospital birth for no other reason that hospital policy same reason I can't have a waterbirth as they don't have an underwater monitor.
They seem to encourange VBAC but their policies whilst in labour are very strict, and I progress from stage 1-2 very very quickly but my stage 2 can take a little longer and I know they have a policy that prevents a long stage 1 and 2 being likely, and I think my main concern is that because of this policy I will be pushed into having a forcep delivery and when in labour I can't be certain I will be firm enough to say no, hence the reason I wanted it clearly on my birthplan.

I haven't discussed it with my CMW yet because I haven't seen her, first appointment will be Tuesday so might get her advice, she is based at a different hospital though so not sure what the policy is there.

thell Thu 09-Jun-11 10:58:17

My midwife strongly advised we planned to avoid forceps - she said the same as you, that she'd rather see a Csection than forceps (and she's a pro-homebirth independent midwife!).
Ventouse is different though, and doesn't have the same problems associated with it.

So I'd go ahead and put in your opinion.

Good luck!

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