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40+1 and fed up, join me in a moan

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Almost6 Wed 08-Jun-11 20:39:19

40+1 today and having a down day sad
at 39+4 was having crampy pains and pressure, along with headaches and swelling, mw came out to check bp and lo all was fine, then offered a sweep.
sweep done at lunch crampy pains n pressure got worse, but had completely gone by late afternoon. Resigned myself to going over but not overly fussed.
Last night in the small hours had crampy pains again and pain in the groin n pelvis lasted into this morn, dh pissed me off by undermining me in front of dd who I was trying to tell off for naughtyness. He took kids to school and I had a cry, been stroppy since n very tearful. All pains and cramps have dwindled off and there was I hoping they would amount to labour! Am gona try a good walk in a bit, and have mw booked to see me at home tomorrow and 2nd sweep. Hope this one works!
Would really like my own ankles back, they were the only non fat bit on me and now they are 3x the size!
Anyone else want a moan feel free!

dinksdoes Wed 08-Jun-11 22:04:37

Im 40 + 12 and yes very uncomfortable and very fed up. Its my first so also very worried! Two weeks ago when baby was due I only had one small stretchmark, now my poor tummy is purple, all around my belly button is so so sore! Cant move much and trying to walk but feet and ankles now so fat and painful! Really wanted to have a pool birth in my local maternity centre, but Im being induced tomorrow and I really dont mind anymore, just want to hold my baby in my arms. Keep getting those texts - any news, any sign, baby, still nothing??? Arrhhh its driving me nuts, mother inlaw on the phone evry day. Do people seriously think we will have a baby and forget to tell them!??
Had 3 sweeps and none of them worked because cervix only 1cm dialated so MW unable to sweep, feel so dis-heartened and begin to think theres something wrong with my body! Then Im not sleeping, cant physically lie down anymore its too painful, so been sleeping in an arm chair. Also now worried about still birth, baby being ill or something, why hasnt it come out yet!!!
There we go thats a right old moan!
Hope you have your baby soon Almost6 good luck!!!

PipCarrier Thu 09-Jun-11 11:28:03

Hi, I'm nearly overdue 39+5 with DC2 - feel very overdue though as DC1 was two weeks early so was expecting this one to follow suit or even earlier.
Yes the texts are the most annoying thing in the world!! What do people mean by "any sign of the baby?"....ummmmm other than my huge 40 week tummy what other 'sign' would there be - a hand waving out of my fanjo!?!!
So uncomfortable at night as well, something I never experienced first time round as didn't get to that stage. Have been sleeping an hour in bed, then having to get up and sit on bean bag to sleep, then back to bed etc. as too much time in one position hurts!
Good luck ladies, here's hoping we don't have to wait much longer.

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