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Can anyone answer a question about swelling at the time of labour?

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wildstrawberryplace Wed 08-Jun-11 10:33:04

Looking back at the photos taken when DS was born, my face and neck look really bloated and I was swollen around the eyes etc, my hands also. After he was born, my legs got really badly swollen and had a nasty sort of rash on them from the swelling.

It went away after a couple of days, and I'm sure it wasn't so bad before I actually went into labour.

I was in labour for nearly 48 hours all told, he was back to back and eventually I had an epidural and forceps.

Does anyone know why this happened and if there is anything I can do to avoid it next time?


cokefloat Wed 08-Jun-11 12:33:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeautifulBlondePineapple Wed 08-Jun-11 12:38:45

The exact same thing to me with DS1's birth (inc the back to back, epi & forceps).

I was a bit swollen before the birth, but afterwards my face & ankles esp were much worse. I was told it was just fluid retention combined with high blood pressure so I think you just have to do the same as you would for that:

-drink lots of water
-elevate feet
-eat a good diet
-do a bit of exercise

Didn't happen after DC2's birth and I was a bit fitter that time. Hoping it doesn't happen this time either - it was so uncomfortable!

dirgeinvegas Wed 08-Jun-11 12:43:20

Also to add that when you have an epidural you are also hooked up to a drip (to combat low blood pressure from epidural I think). Fluids go in faster than your body can ex[el them, hence the few days of elephant feet and swollen face.

Fluid retention is common in late pregnancy anyway but I think being on a drip for fluids is more likely to be the culprit!

wildstrawberryplace Wed 08-Jun-11 16:11:47

Thanks. All this makes sense. I'm determined to try to avoid an epi next time!

reikizen Wed 08-Jun-11 16:20:40

yep, definately the fluids and epidural, as others have said. Also, the fact that you are pretty much immobile for a long period of time, probably in a hot room and the natural accumulation of fluids in late pregnancy. The natural diuresis that takes place after baby has been born, plus gentle mobilisation should expel the extra fluid.

pallymama Wed 08-Jun-11 16:23:19

Ahh, that's what causes it. In my post birth pictures I look like the michelin man! blush

BeautifulBlondePineapple Thu 09-Jun-11 11:46:05

I'm not sure the epi has mcuh to do with it so don't rule it out. I had an epi with DC2 as well and had a wonderful childbirth experience. And pretty much no swelling either (I was induced a bit earlier than with DC1 so my blood pressure was lower).

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